November 23, 2012

Difficulties in keeping the momentum going

motivWhile writing the PMA I realized that the more I put effort to PMA, the less motivation I had to finish it. May be it happens because continuous improvement usually takes so much time and after spending week or month or even year there is still no guarantee that you will come to a solution in the end. So you may experience disappointment of putting so much effort and still not observing any results. To keep the momentum going without strong motivation is difficult and probably even not achievable, so what I need for my motivation? I need two things:

        • I need a feedback – if I am doing something I need to know what other people think about it. Is it really changes something or just adds a small/insignificant value? The feedback provides us visibility and communication of our work with recognition going straight after the latter.
        • I need a leader – Someone, who inspires me. In my case, this is my mum, nobody can inspire my as she does. I think everybody needs a muse that encourages us to dream and create. It can be our friend or sister,….or it can be your boss. Why not?

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        1. What motivates a leader?

          24 Nov 2012, 13:04

        2. Arina Borodina

          I know that later we will have a leadership module, where probably Paul will tell us that you can develop your leadership capabilities and became a leader,.....but right now I believe that leadership is smth that you are born with. So, answering your quation, constant drive – that is what provides motivation to leader. They can get this drive almost from anywhere (read a book, meet new people, travel, doing sports) and they just born with this strong power or energy. So, basically, their energy or drive motivates them and encourage to take actions.

          Thank you for this question, I haven’t thought about this before)))

          24 Nov 2012, 16:21

        3. Fair enough…........ Looking forward to having this conversation with you after Leadership module…....... However may i say that you should think that everyone of us is a leader at least of himselh or herself. A father and a mother lead their family. We are leading and following at the same time our friends…......... So in a sense all of us have a vision which is created by our values and principles, which in their turn if they are strong enough (i.e democracy, meritocracy, freedom, equality, etc….....) they can produce a vision that will energize the individual to produce change and continuous improvement…........... Fight for a better and fair world…...........


          24 Nov 2012, 19:08

        4. Waddah Alharthi

          I think that leader motivation might come from his journey towards his or her vision. That keeps the leader works harder and harder to achieve his dream.

          All the best Arina and Evangelos :)

          25 Nov 2012, 04:32

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