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January 29, 2013

Leader or Head??

What does the LEADERSHIP mean? We are now trying to find exact definition to this term. Everyone have their own way and style for research that eventually help to came up with one definition. Some prefer to identify various interpretation of leadership and combine them into one. Personally, I usually go for comparing and contrasting research term with its synonyms or similar expressions. In that sense, today Paul actually gave me a very good term that I can now compare with leadership.

  1. How we usually identify HEAD of the Department? Does this mean the same as LEADER? These terms are different almost in all aspects:
  2. 1. Head of the Department (HOD) usually act as a senior specialist, who responsible for budget planning, organizing the subject, managing people development, ect. Leader is commonly seen as a person, who teach others by their own example. Additionally, it is not necessary to take managerial position to be a leader.
  3. 2. HOD can be considered as those who plays managerial role in the organization, while leader usually motivates and inspire employees to work better and achieve company’s goals.
  4. 3. Compared to HOD who is, mainly, responsible for a department, leader is more focuses on distributing company’s vision, thus, act on organizational level.

Now, another question is raised – do company, actually, need a LEADER? I am not sure about that. I guess, company needs a person that suits to its corporate culture and organizational system in the best way. Assessment by leadership capabilities can serve as a proof to this. I don’t say that this is how it should be, but stating the fact. Moreover, if consider Vadim Zeland’s theory (“Transurfing of reality”) every company can be seen as a system. As long as you are playing by the rules of that system – you will be successful. But if you try to resist – the system will break you down. In this context, HEAD is more preferable as they are promoted by the system.


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