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May 06, 2013

Integrating KM and AM

Today I started to study one aspect of Asset Management, namely, maintenance, and also simultaneously I tried to find some information about its implementation. The key problem is that we need to implement the Asset Maintenance through Knowledge Management, but how to do that?

I mean, both of them have certain steps in implementation. For AM these are: identifying the need for AM program; AM evaluation and business case development; conducting AM current-state analysis; identifying costs of implementation; designing the AM program through best practices; implementation; tracking and reporting on program’s implementation. For KM there are 5 main steps in implementation: define knowledge areas; conduct assessment; analyze design plan; implementing the plan to close KM gaps; reviewing KM system.

The next question that rises, - how to integrate KM implementation plan to AM? I am not sure, if I am right, but I think that basically each AM step of implementation implies all Knowledge Management steps.

  1. Define knowledge areas. For example if we consider the first AM step – identifying the need for AM program, firstly, we might consider what kind of knowledge we already have. Probably, we do know that one of our motives of AM implementation is to achieve business excellence by meeting some EFQM criteria,….but we will also suggest that this might be not the only reason, thus, we will find some gaps in our knowledge of reasons for AM implementation.
  2. Conduct assessment. Secondly, we might assess other reasons through databases to analyze if they are good for us.
  3. Analyze design plan. Then, you adapt those reasons to your current situation.
  4. Closing the gaps. After, identifying that you had some gaps in reasoning, working with literature and finding other reasons, you then close those gaps with new reasons.

I am not sure that this is how the integration between KM and AM should be, but at this moment this is the only way I see it…will search more.


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