September 22, 2009

And so it begins…

September 21st 2009 (Yesterday's blog, now visible to the world)

I saw something in the mass of ex-rainforest I received in the post last week that I could create a blog on the uni website, so I decided to investigate on this rather dull Monday afternoon, and here I am. My self-indulgent blog is born. It will no doubt fall onto the pile of "owned, unused" but there we go. Since getting home after taking Jon yesterday, I haven't quite known what to do with myself. Last night was rough, and today I'm paying for it with sore eyes and an insatiable desire to write. A blog is a place to write.

By way of preparations for the Great Upheaval...I have no real idea of what I have and don't have. Mum's been squirreling things away for me, and the five books I ordered have arrived. I've pulled out my A-Level notes and the books the Don advised me to get, as well as my set-texts. I might bring all of my Shakespeare scripts, and invest in some Sarah Kane and such-like too. I found some drawings Tasha and I did of Hedda Gabler and Judge Brack sneaking out of back doors, which was amusing to say the least.

Mentally...I'm not sure I'll ever be really ready. I'm afraid to lose more than I could gain, and there is a persistent voice stating quite matter-of-factly beneath all of my worries and fears that I don't necessarily have to go down the university route to get to where I want to be. Of course, the university route is the best one. But when you're worried, the "best" doesn't always feel like the happiest.

Just spoke to Jon - literally - and he's cheered me greatly. He always does. Just the sound of his voice calms me. He's going to play on his psp for a while and then go and fill his hollow legs at a free buffet. Can't say I blame him. Msn video call tonight, and we'll be laughing :D . I really need to get my phone back so that texting him will be easier, but the lady in the shop said it would take a week to repair. Until then, I have a silly silver Motorola thing, but I suppose that's better than nothing.

It's a million miles better than nothing.

In other news, Richard just wrote this song about me; "abi's really cool. i like abi. i hate hitler. but i like abi." I like it. Apparently, the rest of it is a double sestina. Whatever that is. I'm an uneducated writer, mk?

Two weeks to go.


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