November 30, 2012


Quality, Reliability and Maintenance are topics that I have come across various times during my study. I have never had the opportunity to learn the aspects in more depth. Hence the reason I chose this module. From general knowledge, when it comes to production and processes within businesses, I have always known these aspects are of great importance when trying to succeed as a business. The module has given the chance to truly understand why.

When referring to Quality, I have learnt that Quality is not just the measurement of a product in terms of customer satisfaction, but more about the ways, in which Quality can be controlled, the processes are done correctly and the Quality is management correctly.

Reliability itself was the topic I knew least about. But over the week, I learnt that in basic terms, reliability is the evaluation of how a system should perform. The desired requirement of the system, weighed up against the actual output of the system.

Maintenance, I have come to understand is the ability to maintain a certain level of output within processes.

Throughout QRM I also learnt a about various philosophies and techniques such as Six Sigma, SPC, QFD, TQM, ISO-9000 and EFQM, each one with its own effectiveness. The challenge is choosing which ones to adopt and why.

The principles I learnt are similar, are all similar in terms of what the aim is. Deming principle, Kano Model, Juran Recipe for action, Feigenbauni 9M’s, Kaoru Ishikawa Diagrams, and Taguchi Principle. They are all useful but I also learnt that one must not use them as a concrete source of “wisdom”, but try to adopt the features that are most useful.

The industrial visitors who came to talk where very interesting in terms of giving an insight into their practical experiences. Although, the final visitor from BAE Systems, I found to be a bit overwhelming with information as it was very technical and I found hard to follow. Where I could follow, though, I learnt the ways in which the various companies he had mentioned had used techniques the successfully maintain quality control.

The seminars I must say where extremely interesting as I had the chance the use some the techniques to practically assess situations. The challenge was exciting. And over all I learnt how each technique can help save time, and possibly money.

The final presentations were enlightening as it shows how each philosophy and strategy is different, but more than one can be used by businesses.

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