February 25, 2005

yesterday evening an interested one

yesterday I attended a talk of concepts and satisfaction of two british converted muslims, where it not only gives me insights of the things but it also created an image of my own spiritual devolution. Very impressive person was that from new castle, his words give me alot more than can be described in my own words. The bottom of all the words was a self question, is a self question and will always be a self question.

What I am ? From where I am ? Where I have to go? Is there any life after death ? Who is the true creator of the world in the myths of religions surrounded all over the world ? Am I free to do any thing or whether I am supposed to do only the laws or whether is there any thing that my creator has chosen for me to act upon ?

There is a need of answering these questions in the true est and right way ?

But again there is a question whether we will be able to answer these questions in our life timeor not and suppose if we will not be able to answer these questions in the true nature then how will our creator treat us. Will He forgives us or will He accounts us for what we do?

I will write some thing on it later on , time to work ;-)

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