June 02, 2010

John Ging explains the situation in Gaza (director of UNRWA operation in Gaza)

John Ging, the head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Gaza speaks to the BBC after a UN school was attacked during the attack on Gaza.

This attack was similar to the attack on Gaza flotilla. In both situation humanitarian and peace activists were targeted.

John Holmes visit to Gaza 2010 (UN humanitarian chief)

John Holmes, the United Nation's humanitarian chief explains after his visit to Gaza, how the blockade affected the life in Gaza.

More than one year had passed from the injustice war on Gaza, still the siege is held and construction materials in addition to basic food and medical supplies are not allowed in.

Lauren Booth reports from Gaza

Lauren Booth is a British journalist and peace activist. She participated in a previous flotilla aimed to break the siege on Gaza.

She went to Gaza on a humanitarian mission. Nevertheless, she was trapped and unable to go back to her country.

June 01, 2010

Daily life of fishermen in Gaza

This video shows how people in Gaza are restricted from carrying their essential daily life activities. It also contains a short interview of a British activist who was on board with the fishermen.

Acts like this motivated 600+ people from all over the world to bring supplies to people of Gaza.

Rachel Corrie story

If you have never heard of Rachel story, here it is.

The attack on Gaza flotilla remained me of her story. One of the ships was named after her.

Interview with a passenger on Gaza flotilla

This interview was held on 25th of May 2010 with an activist participated in Gaza flotilla from Holland. She explains the reason behind joining the Freedom fleet.

We hope she is safe.

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