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July 30, 2005

A Quick and Dirty IQ Test

Your IQ Is 115

Your Logical Intelligence is Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

…just basically trying to do things other than writing up my dissertation :p

July 27, 2005

(more) sighs

Follow-up to Dissertation II from Asti's lil home on the world wide web

im giving up… my bed is calling me i'll be home soon my dear bed...wait up for meeeeee

g'nyt peeps!

Dissertation II

it is 00:53 exactly… on the 27/7/2005… my eyelids are dropping, ive eaten two packets of crisps and a handful of candies in the past half an hour (a definite no-no to my diet plan which I just started today sigh so much for self-discipline) and I'm freezing cold stuck in Learning Grid

Hmm maybe stuck isn't the right word as I do have the choice to leave this place if I wanted to — but right now, it's not about what I want, it's about what I need.. or a combination of both: I want my Masters, so I need to sit here in LG and work on my dissertation (another) sigh

I've found out the hardway that I've made my room sooooo comfortable that I can no longer be productive in there. I'll end up either sleeping, eating, watching some series or just end up surfing the Internet (finding and reading some interesting articles but none that I could show to my supervisor!).. so here I am, sitting in LG, hoping that by being surrounded by all these hard-working people (well, at least I think they are, only God and the CCTV people will know what they actually are doing on the computer) will somehow push me to be one of them… maybe by breathing the same air, or some electrical/mechanical/etc waves sent from their brains will jolt and awaken mine to start producing supervisor-approved materials!

….it is now 1:09 am. C'mon Asti, one final push, just finish reading one more article then I'll treat myself to a new top (courtesy of my friend Hareesh, but that's another story)

here goes!

click here to see what I think captures most fully my dissertation angst

July 26, 2005

Eye Spy

Below are pictures of the eyes of four Warwick Students. Try to match the eyes to the following people based only on their ethnicity and gender:

1. Indian Guy
2. Indonesian Girl
3. Greek Guy
4. Greek Girl

*Answers to follow :) — oh if you can't narrow it to both nationality and gender, you can just mention either one (e.g. boy or girl, indian or greek)

**oops, jst realized how big these pix are… really sorry for the inconvenience, think about it as another challenge for the game heehee

***yes, one eye is closed, I guess the flash was to bright for the person… I guess now you have to match just three, and solve the closed-eye picture by elimination… unless you can use something else in the closed-eye picture to judge it by (not that I can see any tho!)

July 20, 2005


aaahhh nothing else expresses my feeling about my dissertation as well as dis lil clip

and click here pleeasse thanx :)

July 09, 2005

Friend's Link

heeey, my friend just started a few websites and he'll love it for you guys to come and give him feedback. Here is the links:

Bhavin's Personal Website


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