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August 16, 2005

A Tribute to the Learning Grid (just in case…) — Bomb in LG?

Hah! I hope not! As wrong as this may seem, I actually loooove the Learning Grid. I belive it is something every university in the world needs!

It provides the perfect combination between socialising and studying, complete with the wireless Internet, printers, scanners, PC clusters, book clusters and the freedom to talk, walk around, drink and eat!! Perfect! What more could a social and hard-working Warwick student want?

And the terrorists are just vying to destroy our way of life.. hence the attempted "bombing" of our beloved LG!

There I was, lil innocent me, minding my own business, trying to get into work when security people started rushing people out of the building as they have found an unattended bag on the second (or first floor as it is called here in UK) floor that is padlocked onto the chair. They have been unsuccessful in identifyin the owner. Hence, please evacuate the Learning Grid.

What I found funny was the fact that when leaving the LG, people just stood there right outside LG, in the lobby (i.e. the space between LG and the University House canteen). Simply because, what, if the bomb was to explode, the LG will contain it? With no debris/shattered glass/desks/chairs/computers/books thrown outside its window into the rest of the University House building? If that doesn't indicate the real power of the LG, then I don't know what does!

Anyways, here I am in the computer room next to the library as it is the only place in Uni left open at this time of the night. I was hoping that I could do some work before returning to the Grid, but I guess the motivation to do work is the sole property of LG. We will surely miss you, LG

PS: I'm just kidding about the bomb. It actually belongs to a friend of a friend.. Honest!! But apparently the security office has already triggered the standard bomb threat procedure (which I wasn't even aware of) and it cannot be recalled even after we told them we know the owner of the suspected bag! A bit inefficient I must say… but that's for next time, folks!

What kind of People…

Writing about web page

What kind of People can even think about doing something of this magnitude in the Revolting scale? (excuse the silly attempt on the phrase "Richter scale")

"The family of one of the victims of last year's tsunami disaster received a hoax e-mail claiming their relative had been found alive in a Thai hospital."

Just one simple question in my head: I don't even want to know why some people want to perform such "despicable" actions, but merely how they even came up with such an idea? Just how do their brains work, how their nerves are connected in their brain to create such an output??

I give up… I just give up. I guess somethings are not meant to be understood. Or if it is, maybe I'd rather not. I refuse to acknowledge that people, human beings, can inflict such pain to others. I just refuse.

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