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you can contact me dropping a visit to my room, calling me on my cellphone, or emaiing me.. the choice is yours baby! :)

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haha!! ive got a page just to talk about me!! the ultimate narcissist’s dream :)

to sum it up: born in indonesia, spent d first half of my childhood in australia (brisbane), the second half in indonesia (jakarta), teen-hood in the philippines (manila) and adulthood (though some of my friends will object at my claim as an adult.. heehee) in UK

i blame all this moving around for my incapability to stay still in one place for too long, somehow always hv dis urge to leave and explore something new.. but at the end of d day, all i need is a tub of haagendaz’s strawberry cheesecake, my best friends, and a lot of time to do absolutely nothing! :D