January 03, 2005

Clare's fun Kitsch Diary!

Yes! Welcome to the wonderful world of things aquired by myself while being at holland that could be considered kitsch, or in a word junk but so naff that its cool. The task is to have as much crap as possible on the littliest amount of money by the end of the year… so here goes…


1 Set of Marijuana fairy lights – Appreciate the green stuff with these beautiful fairy lights, tasteless yet tacky, add the air of sophistication into your already smoky home and proclaim your love for the weed with these garishly molded plastic lights (3 euro)

1 UV Black Light – So cant afford to go out to the club/coffee shop? then simply turn off your bedroom light and switch this on, instant party atmosphere! watch in amazement as you're able to see just how disgustingly messy your carpet is and how amazing your trainers are! Also for the stoner in you, then stick a picture of bob m up or a psychedelic painting up and stare as the beautiful colours are made even more lovely – amusement for hours! (7 euro)

2 Candle holders with pictures of : Jesus and Mary – Feeling religious? well feel better with the savour himself and holy mother looking out for you. Unforetunately due to a candle accident jesus feel off and is currently stuck on the kitchen cupboard but no matter! These candle holders rock! (4 euro)


More tasteless lights / neon eighties style lamps
A smoking donkey

For anyone whos been to holland and has any more kitsch ideas then let me know!

More Blue Note Trip – DJ Maestro

4 out of 5 stars

Another collection of cool and funky jazz, mixed by DJ Maestro. Recommended tracks include Labi Siffre's 'I got the…' (the sample for eminems my name is) a pretty chilled tune from mos def called creole, and a song called 90% of me is you.
all in all another classic collection, definatlely subtible for putting on as background music and being cool or having up loud and getting ready to go out….

mmm jazz….nice x

De La Soul at Tivoli 7th December

In terms of todays hip hop, with acts like Kanye West and up and coming young mcs dominating the arena, the question has to be asked whether old skool acts such as de la, run dmc etc still are relevent. The answer after this is most definately!

The monster trio put on an awesome show which was situated in a tiny venue and made the atmosphere electric. The flows were tight, the beats were cool and the deejaying was impressive. There was lots of interaction with the crowd, mainly from Pos which gave u the feelin you were witnessing something very special. Highlights of the evening included a cool rendition of 'baby phat,' bringing out golden oldies off 'three ft high and rising,' as well as songs from their new album 'the grind date' including the banger 'rock co. cane flow' featuring the vaudiville villian himself, MF Doom. There was no feeling whatsoever that the group have in anyway forgotton to repect and appreciate their fans and this made you appreciate them even more.

All in all this was a top gig, intimate yet heavy enough to rock the corwd completely, and finally, in answer to the question 'have de la still got it?' The answer is definately.

October 27, 2004

Dj Maestro – Blue note Trip at Tivoli 2nd october

This was an amazing night! Blue not trip is really cool and I definately recommend a listen. Dj Maestro himself does look a bit of a sleeze but in a very cool way and his skills on the ones and twos are ace.
Met a couple of dutch guys into the old hipity hop which was cool, loads of random people – completely wasted by the end and got in a 7 in the morning. one of the best nights out so far

Dj Maestro – Blue note trip

5 out of 5 stars
Blue note trip basically the name given to DJ Maestro, a guy from holland who Djs with old jazz records from the label Blue Note. This is one of the coolest cds you can buy and is perfect for either chilling to or a hip soundtrack to get ready to. DJ Maestro live is amazing and this is definately a great cd!!!

Minnie Riperton – 'Perfect Angel/Adventures in Paradise'

4 out of 5 stars
A great intro to Minnie Riperton, whose beautiful and soulful voice has been sampled many times, examples being 4 hero's 'les fleur' and '2 people' a dance hit a couple of years ago. Some of the lyrics are a bit dodgy – check out 'inside my love.' But a brilliant talent.

Fahrenheit 9/11

4 out of 5 stars
Like the quote says you've got to see this film, if only to have it confirmed that bush is a moron and there is a lot going on that the majoirty people of the population don't know about. A lot of the facts come from moore's book 'dude, wheres my country?' which is funny and def worth a read

Guru – Jazzmatazz

2 out of 5 stars
Nice mcing over chilled bluenote jazz, However not as good as it could have been, good for cool background music though

Super size me

3 out of 5 stars
Me and Anna went to see this at an arthouse cinema in the city centre. Funny and really makes you think about what your eating when you tuck into a maccys! The effects only lasted a week for me however as I did order a large big mac meal after seeing this film. ooops!

Cannibal Ox – The Cold Vein (Album)

4 out of 5 stars
Love this album. Really good production and cool beats. My fave song is 'Iron Galaxy.' Best for listening to at the end of a night.

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