January 13, 2008

the summary of the report

Writing about web page http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/page/item/b008nkp7.shtml

This report given by Jeremy Vine examines how kids can be kept safe on the Internet. Nowadays, a great deal of teenagers uses various software, such as my space, face book, MSN, etc, to communicate others, play games and make friends. Unfortunately, without any sense of safety, some of them give the real information to total strangers, and that may lead to serious problems which do some damage toteenagers, especially girls. so the parents should give some special advice and suggestions to help their childrent to protect themselves, as well as supervise, in case of being cheated by strangers on the Internet.

December 20, 2007

My essay Hell

In the first term, I have handed 3 long essays, which most depress me, and make me rethink about my way of study in University of Warwick.

To be honest, I have never written such a long essay before, and the longest essay is no more than 500 words in Renmin University. Not only more words I need write, but also more information the essay conclude. Then, I need to sit before my desk, referring more information from books and materials, analyzing the logic, as well as the structure. In addition, more patience is expecially important for me.

To me, the most difficulties of writing an essay are analysis materials and writing skills. Analyzing materials is the mosst important part of writing an essay, because the ability of analysis will help you decide which information is useful and important. When I write my essay, I usually feel perplexed. The decision is hard to make from a great deal number of minds. When I decide what to write, the expression is also important. The better you write, the cleared you express your own ideas, and the higher mark you will get. I need to improve them both if I want to get a better mark in an essay.

If I have a chance to rewrite my handed essay, I will spend more and more time on reading books and materials. I would not begin to write until I have a clear structure in my mind. The first time I write my essay, I spent a great deal of time on the writing. Even I have no words to say, I still wrote. And the aim of my writing an essay is to get the 1000 or 2000 words.

In conclusion, writing is a kind of output. If no input, do not expect a good work. No matter what levels I belong to, I will try my best to write an essay. I believe my essay will get an obvious improvement after the Christmas vocation.

October 19, 2007

Learning English in real world


     I have learned English for nearly 9 years, which include 3 years' middle school, 3 years' senior school and two years' college.  During that time I have done a great deal of exercise about grammar and reading tests, and we seldom pay much attention on listening, speaking and writing because our aim to study English is to pass the final exam which contains lots of grammar test. So, as a international student, this is the first year I come to UK, and I need to improve a lot in listening, speaking and writing.

        Watching TV is a good way to improve listening, because when I watch the channels which I like, not only do I enjoy the TV programs, but also train my listening. Now, I live in off campus, and I have ordered the Sky TV system so that I can enjoy more than 300 channels. Moreover, I can also require the caption. When I do not listen clearly what they say, I can take advantage of it to help me with my listening.

        The real English lies in the normal life. In my opinion, if I want to learn the real English, I need to communicate with the native person and pay much attention to what they say. Luckily, I have got a chance to communicate with my customs which are the native persons. My part-time job is to deliver advertisements to the house, and if the customers want some products they need to contact me. That is a challenge because I need to talk with the person by phone or face to face directly. Making full use of it is a good way to train my speaking English.

      Reading can make some contributions to my writing. When I read I can get some useful knowledge and writing skills. The more I read, the better I write. Sometimes I can also borrow some special books from library, and that is good for me.

      In conclusion, I need to improve a lot in listening, speaking and writing in order to enjoy a better life. As an international student, I must work hard to catch up with the students who speak English, if not, I can compete with them on the same stage.

October 08, 2007

My impressions of Britain

This is the first time I come to Britain and I have been here for nearly two months. During the time of pre-sessional course, I go to London, Oxford, Warwick castle and Stratford which are good places of interest. All views attract me because of theirs history background, excellent building styles or various culture. Moreover, I also get a general idea of British customs, and then I introduce some differences on humanity, environment and mechanization.

As is known to all, British people are famous for its humanity. And indeed, they are more gentlemanly than I thought about. When I meet a strange person I does not know, he always makes a smile and say ¡°hello¡± to me. That makes me happy. In addition, when I come cross some troubles, the native people try their best to help me. Generally speaking, most British people are kind-hearted and well educated.

To my surprise, the city planning is extremely different. As the international big cities, Beijing and Shanghai have a great number of skyscrapers, wide roads and cloverleaf junctions. By contrast, there are seldom tall buildings lie in the big cities and a large number of narrow roads cross together. In china, most people choose bicycles as their main vehicles while in Britain most of them choose bus, taxi, underground and private cars. To British people, bicycle is only a sport.

British have a higher level of mechanization and they control all kinds of machines to do different work on agriculture or project. That¡¯s more efficiency than manpower. China has a large population which lead to a great press for the mechanization. If machines are widely used, most of the Chinese people lose their jobs.

In conclusion, different countries have different cultures. England is a developed country, while china is a developing country. Though we all live on the same planet, England and China are extremely different. It is necessary to adopt the new atmosphere so that the international students can enjoy a happier life.

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