December 21, 2007

My essay experience

Concerning to my essay, it was not successful, however, I got the clue about the future essays. I should arrange the time and prepare it as early as possible. As we know, knowledge should be accumulated, which is benefit for us, however, if problems are deposited, everything will be out of control. From my essay, I realized my learning drawbacks as well as the methods of improvement.

The consecution was unclear due to my unreasonable time management. I should gradually collect the information at the beginning of the term to pave the way for my essay, whereas, I started to work on it few days before the deadline. As a matter of fact, it was very difficult for me to analyze the articles in a short time. Therefore, I will rightfully manage the time next term.

I owned an uncorrected learning method. I got used to accumulating the problems and handled them at last minutes. The most horrible thing was that I could not find the problems. As it can be seen, there was something wrong with my learning styles. However, as writing the essay, I found that, I attempted to think hard as well as find the problems. To some extent, it was an effective way to urge me to consider. I felt I got a little harvest. In future, I have to digest the knowledge little by little, since it seems impossible for me to handle the questions all together.

In conclusion, after completing this essay, I realized that I should change the learning methods and utilize the time properly. Still, when scanning what I wrote, I felt it was incredible; I actually finished thousands of words which are somewhat challenge for me; although the essay was awful, in some degree, I got the achievement.

October 18, 2007

Learning English By Watching Films

As a learner of English, I tend to learn English through watching original English films. The most important thing is that I am interested in watching films into which I can put my soul. Therefore, as I watched English films, my attention was very difficult to be distracted. That is to say, I would devote myself to listening, speaking, and the content of the films.

Referring to listening, I will listen in general without subtitle for first time to catch the main idea, and then repeat several times till get 80% information, later on, check the information by subtitles. As regards speaking, during watching films, I will repeat the classical sentences and imitate the sound. Still, through films, I can know more about the culture background and the custom of that country.

In addition, vocabulary plays a crucial role. I tried to improve it through two methods. One way is to recite the vocabulary books. I found that it can be remembered instantly, meanwhile, be forgotten in two days. For instance, if I recite 10 words in a day, only 5 words can be remembered in the following days. If I never use them, 10 words will not be recalled any more. Another way is that reading the articles to learn the vocabulary. I usually find the articles I interested and scan the content, at the beginning, I guess the meaning of the words, and then, check them in the dictionary. Finally, I felt that the words from context gave me deeper impression than the vocabulary I recited. By the way, the latter way, I recommend, for which can keep the words in my mind for a long time.


In conclusion, mastering English needs the skills, such as the improvement of the listening and speaking by watching vivid films and enlargement of the vocabulary by reading the articles. Still, methods are diversity; persistence of them is paramount.

October 05, 2007

My Impression of Britain

I have been drawing the outline of the Britain in my mind on the plane. As I landed, it was out of my imagination. The people and the view gave me deep impression, especially the people like some taxi drivers and the environment which was elegance. Even as, the buildings were not high and were surrounded by the green which made the whole place like a garden. At the same time, the widen road made me feel that the place was quiet. Subsequently, the people I met and the life I experienced made me enjoy this country more.

Taxi drivers did things seriously. For example, several days ago, my friends and I reached Britain at night; we only knew the general address. Fortunately, the taxi driver asked the pass-by people the address frequently and we got to the destination at last. The thing that moved me was that he did not leave until we found our houses. When he left, it was nearly midnight. That is to say, what he did was really responsible for his passengers.

More self-machine could be used. For instance, I went to the supermarket and there were several self-servers. Then I checked out quickly, which really saved my time. When I wanted to borrow the books in the library, still, there were self-machine through which I could borrow the books so that I did not waste the time to queue, which veritably attracted me.

Britain was like a summer resort. The climate was moderation and the land was covered by the grass, although it was in winter. The buildings were not as modern as I thought, however, everything looked harmonious.

In a word, Britain is a city with modern machines, at the same time, with returning to the ancients. Otherwise, the friendly people and the fascinating surroundings made me understand the reasons why people were reluctant to leave.

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