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October 22, 2004

London Film Festival — Trip 1.


Directed by Mark Milgard
Written by Mark Milgard, Richard Murphy, Robb Williamson
With Arliss Howard, Vincent Kartheiser, Taryn Manning
Country USA
Year of Production 2003
Running Time 94 minutes

---94mins is too short for great idea

Since I am definitely going back to London Film Festival again to catch other films, I’d better to make it a series.

Although filled with all kinds of odds of plots,_ Dandelion _has actually a main plot: A boy called Mason met a girl called Danny; they fell in love; when Danny couldn't get her relation with Mason approved from her mother, she committed a suicide.

Actually skipped full packed Thursday lectures heading for London Film Festival, I bear a heartful hope for the first film I attend. Dandelion, coincidently matched my schedule, became the very one I concerned the most. Well, it was also partly for the *Sparklehorse *soundtrack that I made the decision. Having depressed times after times by their music, I have long worshipped Sparklehorse's genius in weaving the dark aura with music. Catering my expectation, Dandelion starts with _'It's a wonderful life' _as background tune. Nevertheless, apart from the great music and photography of astonishing landscape, the rest of the film seemed a bit boring owe to my getting out of bed at 6 to catch a train to London and all the other effort made to approach it. There isn't any climax, apart from the shocking sound of shooting at the beginning and the abrupt suicide of Danny in the end. The storytelling is way too pointless and concernless that it fails to touch.

To be fair, as a big fan of Danny Boyle, Christopher Nolan and Guy Richie, slow rhythm and plain narrated films is just not my cup of tea. Not until the director's discussion section that I have found it was me being too much used to be distracted by the quick rhythm, the cumulative plots, and the giddy ways of shooting. React automatically only on these distractions, when facing such a film removes them deliberately (or shall I say have no alternative but to cover the shortcoming of lacking of experience and money) I couldn't find certain key signals to comprehend. Mark Milgard ascribed such way of storytelling to his own and only capable way to express. As unique as the scenery of east Washington county, such storytelling actually helps to contributes the unique situation the director tries to provide to the main characters, as well as to the audience. That is a situation where the main characters are set in a remote county without complicated social contacts, besides the sense of time/generation is also omitted in such situation. Mark Milgard tries to find out the potentials of what people would think or explore out of a plain life under such circumstance. Such removal of distractions is very evident when examining Mason and Danny’s dates. Most of the times they simply hang out in the pasture or make love there. Love was just like ‘something you made up to make yourself happy’ for this couple. Danny’s solution for deprivation of her happiness is simply to die and save the moment likewise to the way she’s addicted to drugs. Whereas Manson finally chose not to follow her but to live his life faithfully back to certain trace. (Probably the explanation for the metaphor of the last scene.)

In his young plain life, Mason encountered three damaging betrayal that would have really jeopardize his faith for life. His father put his own murderer on him, his best friend accused him for providing drugs, and the most jeopardizing suicide of his girlfriend. Putting Manson in other situations would only complicate his choices facing the harshness of life. His final choice, contrasting the primary scene of suicide, opens the optimistic theme metaphor of Dandelion. Milgards also relates Dandelion to his experience of observing the lion in zoo. When he looks in the lion’s eyes, for a certain moment, for some uncertain reasons, he nearly fell asleep. Shaken awake by the sudden roar of the lion, he then figured out what he was doing at the moment. Dandelions, again, are struggling to live in its natural way when most of the people are trying to get rid of it.

Dandelion, as a debut, is not doubt a great work. It’s just a matter of time, people like Milgards who bear great ideas in mind will be gaining bigger budget and fame, hopefully. By the way Milgards is quite a decent person. Not among those love-themselves-too-much filmmakers, but modest and very eager to have the audience’s opinions and critics. You can tell he really cares about his film in a way that it can be the main goal of his whole life.

Eventually, I m very satisfied with my day trip to London!

October 20, 2004

A few notes on The Green Platye

1. the appeal of 'does she really want to be a big star?' reveals the heroine's confusions before her in coming fame understanding of the preface is partly right
3. without bearing the social responsibilities in their minds, they are not only in economic and status low position, but also the psychological(spiritual) low position. Born with a different identification, they are the real social exclusion, the minorest unit in a society.
4. she finds her identity in nudity.
5. In consequence with 1, the story ends as the purpose of finding her lover become the prime purpose of staying alive in the world for the herione. This can be explained, on the one hand, from her social exclusion status so that she couldn't really achieve her career in such society. A satisfying relation is the best she can expect. On the other hand, the thirst of seeking this soul-mate/fatal-lover also reflect the common desire for being accompanied.
6. the thorough indication on the mixed/international identity: from the English folk used in a Japanese produced film which set in China, to the mobile population in a colonised area, let alone the two main characters' breed
7. The heroin's conciousness of her female body. Also included in 5. When she's seeking for her lover, she doesn't really mean to seek for the man, but the idea she can fulfill herself with her own strength. Other good examples concerning such theme are mainly in the sexual scenes depiction.

The beauty of mystery.

'Biological, I don't know why I feel this way with you. Biological, I want you to be perfect.' Air's dizzy music.

Old familiar dizzy Air, but still mysterious. It's the dizzy touch gives the music the mystery as well as the blurry English, though the lyrics examines the 'flesh around your bones' and 'your DNA' one after another.

'In the dream, we are in green; awaken from the dream, we're still in green. People see us in black illusions, whereas they are not aware it's achromatopsia'— Preface. The Green Platye. Hong Ying. 2004
I m always puzzled by the literature attracts me. When I start reading many novels I read 5 years or 10 years ago all over again, I start wondering how could I fancy such works that much at that age. I can't understand most of them even now. Was it others' recommendation really had great impact on my young unconcious mind? Or was it the beauty of mystery being seductive?

The situation is exactly the same at that time as when I don't understand Air's intention on writing a song about a precise science subject with such dizzy tone at this moment.Same puzzles occur in my mind toward Hong Ying's preface as well: why they are in green? Why such colour is invisible to other people? Why I am so moved in such mystery of words? There must be some delicateness among the structure of the language. How could it fondle my sense otherwise? There must be a dainty feel that is shared between the author and I. I can hold it in my mind temporarily, but I can't reach the language to note it down. It will fade. Fading like the way I m losing my point at this very moment.

It can be the sympathy for love. The sensation shared between people is love. The sensation that would touch deeply in others' minds, is sympathy for love. The touch brings an urge to cry. It is a fist that knocking your mind repeatedly.

It is the sympathy of love. I know it's a love story, at least there is love in the story. The love is not shown, the love is shared by two lonely souls. Three or more perhaps, but not changing the fact of loneliness. This love blinds my eyes. This blindness leads me only to the beauty of mystery among the language. Mystery is a sense of blue. The sympathy shared by the author and me to the love is also the calling from my mind to be sympathised.

_'In what way
that I can see
My future,
the shade of the map
When you touch me softly
with your finger
on my painful skin

It exceeds the fragrance of sex,
like the best
Between you and me
Like the joy of the last moment
Left from
the journey of lights' sliding'_

—————— back page poem on The Green Platye

October 19, 2004

It seems blue period is really a BLUE period

Since its beginning this month, nothing seems going to the right way.

  • I lost my capability of comunication.
  • Quite lost in social life.
  • Having too much chocolate.
  • Gaining a lot of weight.
  • Came across an old acquaintance with whom we predended not knowing each other mutually.

It seems I have made a lot of wrong decisions during this period
Choose not to talk to people is a major one. What am I feared of, if these are the major things make me blue?

October 15, 2004

the confusion caused by NAME

Writing about Little story about my name from Exploring~~~

i seldom meet people share same name with me
and I m always wondering what it feels like…
do you know the japanese movie called 'love letter'
the name shared by the hero and heroine is actually the primer of the romantic relation
for the case of my name, it confuses people in other ways
peng is a guys' name in Chinese
I remember in the first few years in our teenage, the parents always worried about their kids get too much involved in heterosexual friendships. So, many of my girlfriends became victims of my name. None of the parents believe Peng is a girl until they saw me in person.
It is also embarrancing, when someone mentioned to me at our first meetings that they knew some fat silly guys have the exactly same name to me :/
Anyway, years go by, I become more like my name than I expect. Peng, the biggest bird in the Chinese myth, can fly to the edge of the world. Now I am in another side of the world indeed. But more importantly, I can encounter many masculine characteristics in my personality, which are good in some aspect and bad in the others.
Maybe it's true, your name decide your fate. Or fate have far decided your name before your parents have it in their mind.
Reminds me of the famous sci-fi about name that I can't remember the title…

October 14, 2004

A song for Ewan McGregor

Follow-up to I love Ewan McGregor from Far Away, So Close...

1# Crush by Garbage

I would die for you,
I would die for you,
I've been dying just to feel you by my side,
To know that you're mine.

I will cry for you,
I will cry for you,
I will wash away your pain with all my tears,
And drown your fear.

Ah ah, ah ah ah,
Ah ah, ah ah ah,
Ah ah, ah ah.

I will pray for you,
I will pray for you,
I will sell my soul for something pure and true,
Someone like you.

See your face every place that I walk in,
Hear your voice every time that I'm talking,
You will believe in me,
And I will never be ignored.

I will burn for you,
Feel pain for you,
I would twist the knife and bleed my aching heart,
And tear it apart.

I would lie for you,
Beg and steal for you,
I would crawl on hands and knees until you see,
Your just like me.

Violate all the love that I'm missing,
Throw away all the pain that I'm living,
You will believe in me,
And I can never be ignored…

I would die for you,
I would kill for you,
I will steal for you,
I'd do time for you,
I will await for you,
I'd make room for you,
I'd sail ships for you,
To be close to you,
To be a part of you,
As I believe in you,
I believe in you,
I would die for you…

_ * and for all the ones I had crush on…. _

I love Ewan McGregor

Although I hate writing a review on Trainspotting at 6 oclock in the morning after an allnighter writing.
I love Ewan McGregor! He's no doubt the hottest man in the world!

The only thing cheers me up at such a harsh time of a day is thinking of a sexy man!

October 13, 2004

And I ve done all the ten of them today

Follow-up to Ten things I m obsessed on from Far Away, So Close...

What a day!

Ten things I m obsessed on

1. Sweet snacks. e.g candies, chewing gums, fruity gums, fruit esp. plumps, biscuit etc. when I m sad, upset, anxious, depressed and writing essays.
2. Rich tea biscuit with Mocha. My new obsession. i can't stop taking them when I try to concerntrate writing essay, writing blog, writing anything as well as when I m watching a video. Oh yeh, when I have the period pain, and also after any meal.
3. windows games and msn games. Before get down to write essays.
4. Any poker games, any time any network… any mood I meant
5. Meat. After eating sweet things, I always want some meat, otherwise I would die. A day without a meal with meat would be incrediably awful, and impossible to sleep that night.
6. * (keep it private) anytime
7. (keep it private) anytime again, but esp. before writing an essay or doing some serious business
8. cry (when there isn't anything sad for)
9. checking if there's anyone in msn blocking me or deleting with various means of detectors. (I used to be obsessed with msn chatting for a time)
10. Day dreaming. Anytime, but esp. when I m a boring lecture, a long car journey, walking alone, waitressing/stewarding etc.

I think I m obsessive, but not typically obsessive.

October 11, 2004

Adorno glooms the Sunday; Monday morning I danced alone with a spotless mind.

Ok, here I found some picture of this man called Theodor Adorno. I firmly believe that he's notorious. Today I spent a whole afternoon working on his nasty theory of cultural industry, again. What a headache! Why educated people get as sophisticated as he is?! Hundred pages of unreadable scripts written with the purpose of telling people they are stupid. I feel stupid, it's really hard to understand what he tries to say! But he's damn right for some reason, people do appreciate their culture packed as products so that it can be easily digested, even nowadays. I had thought that it would be damn difficult to cater the audience when I first thought of getting involved in the media. But shouldn't it be me undermining the most out of my brian so that both me and my readers would profit on the level of intelligence. Yeh, Adorno, though boasting there on the papers of his taste of art, had not been phony. He's just a sad old, and ridiculous old man. I decide to leave him alone now.

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!

——Alexander Pope

That, actually I heard first in External Sunshine on the Spotless Mind. I don't care about what surrealism or cult film it has to be. I think it's kinda romantic. I could hear my own voices there when the lovers tried to draw back the memories. I could hear myself screaming: DO NOT DISAPPEAR! And the memories of them kinda echoed in my mind, reminded me of some stories. I m sorry if this unfortunately proved Adorno's theory of popular culture. I sincerely hope that I m not on his list of MASS, though it's very possible cos I haven't finished reading his work, it's still a mystery.

And that's why I kept silence all the way home, not even saying goodbye to those work fellas. By that I didn't mean Adorno's theory of who's stupid, it's just the film.

So I danced and danced. Try to dance out the melancholy. And my anonymous lovesick. Then I danced, on the silent floor of the flat, staring at my own silhouette from the window before all the darkness outside.

And now, I m happy.

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