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October 11, 2004

Adorno glooms the Sunday; Monday morning I danced alone with a spotless mind.

Ok, here I found some picture of this man called Theodor Adorno. I firmly believe that he's notorious. Today I spent a whole afternoon working on his nasty theory of cultural industry, again. What a headache! Why educated people get as sophisticated as he is?! Hundred pages of unreadable scripts written with the purpose of telling people they are stupid. I feel stupid, it's really hard to understand what he tries to say! But he's damn right for some reason, people do appreciate their culture packed as products so that it can be easily digested, even nowadays. I had thought that it would be damn difficult to cater the audience when I first thought of getting involved in the media. But shouldn't it be me undermining the most out of my brian so that both me and my readers would profit on the level of intelligence. Yeh, Adorno, though boasting there on the papers of his taste of art, had not been phony. He's just a sad old, and ridiculous old man. I decide to leave him alone now.

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!

——Alexander Pope

That, actually I heard first in External Sunshine on the Spotless Mind. I don't care about what surrealism or cult film it has to be. I think it's kinda romantic. I could hear my own voices there when the lovers tried to draw back the memories. I could hear myself screaming: DO NOT DISAPPEAR! And the memories of them kinda echoed in my mind, reminded me of some stories. I m sorry if this unfortunately proved Adorno's theory of popular culture. I sincerely hope that I m not on his list of MASS, though it's very possible cos I haven't finished reading his work, it's still a mystery.

And that's why I kept silence all the way home, not even saying goodbye to those work fellas. By that I didn't mean Adorno's theory of who's stupid, it's just the film.

So I danced and danced. Try to dance out the melancholy. And my anonymous lovesick. Then I danced, on the silent floor of the flat, staring at my own silhouette from the window before all the darkness outside.

And now, I m happy.

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