March 26, 2005

How much you know about Easter?

Text your knowledge of Easter

Easter- The word derives from Eostre, a Germanic goddess of spring and fertility for whom festivals were held at the time of the spring equinox. In most other European countries the festival’s name derives from the Hebrew word ‘pesach’, acknowledging Easter’s close connection to the Jewish Passover.

Maundy Thursday —The Thursday before Easter is remembered by Christians as the day of the Last Supper, when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and established the ceremony known as the Eucharist.

Good Friday—On Good Friday Jesus was executed by crucifixion, his body was taken down from the cross and buried in a cave, it is believed

Easter Sunday—-After his death, Jesus’ tomb was guarded and a stone was put over the entrance so no-one could steal the body. The scriptures say a group of women visited the grave on the following Sunday and found the stone had been moved and the tomb was empty. Jesus was seen that day and for days afterwards by many people – his followers believing God had raised him from the dead

eggs—Pagan worshippers regarded eggs as a symbol of fertility and new beginning. The egg was later adopted by Christianity as a symbol of the resurrection

Easter bunny— As with the egg, bunny rabbits were celebrated at the time of the spring equinox for their fertility, and representation of new life

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  1. As a proud aetheist, I was somewhat ashamed to get 10/10 in that quiz.

    26 Mar 2005, 17:07

  2. 。。。。。。。。simple questions for you

    26 Mar 2005, 17:43

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