March 26, 2005

The Pillow Book

Follow-up to Sexy Man…Ewan McGregon from IniN's blog

A great film you should never miss.
A film about body and text.
An adaptation of Japanese 10th century literature The Pillow Book.
with Peter Greenaway's typical style of list making, multiple-editing,naked body and text…

Sexy Man…Ewan McGregon

DVD front cover
Down With Love [2003] [DVD]
3 out of 5 stars

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Renee Zellweger

Both are my favorate actors. Renee Zellweger is so good at performing in the romance comedy. May be she is not very beautiful, but I think she's charming and I like the way she acts—natural and good fun without overdoing.

The most presantly surprise is Ewan McGregor's performing. He's soooo charimatic and sexy even in a comedy. I have watched his another film The Pillow Book _that directed by _Peter Greenaway, in which Ewan acts as a bisexual translator. It was the first time I saw his performance, but I were already attracted and shocked by him.

March 25, 2005


In December every sign has its own mode
I was in love with a Sagittarius
See the emotions he put me through
From Capricorns to Aquarius
They all got their different minds
The affection of a Virgo
Which sign matches good with mine

I was in love with a Sagittarius he blew my mind
He also had a flip side too much like a Gemini
He was freaky like a Taurus the way he handled me yeah
Flirtatious like and Aries
Which sign is best for me?

I wish he was a Virgo, the same sign as me
And know how to show me love, cause I've been hurt by a Pisces

I want him sexy like a Scorpio
The way he holds me close yeah
Sensitive as a Cancer
Every sign from coast to coast

I cant explain why I love him
Bossy like Leo do
Got game like an Aquarius
Switch moves after he's been with you
Fine like a libra
He stays on my mind
He's so unpredictable
He reminds me of every sign

I like it talks about all the star signs, interesting, and cleverly worded.

Dangerously in Love

Music front cover
Dangerously in Love
4 out of 5 stars
there's only ever gonna be one winner in the Queen of Destiny's Child sweepstakes & and her names Beyoncι

Since Beyonce broke from Destiny's Child, due to kind of disapoitment, I haven't listened to her music till now. This was her first solo album, and her voice sounds fantastic! Although some DC fans might feel disapointed that there are too many mid-tempos and ballads, it's just my type of music, and I think the melody makes her vioce sounds even much sexier..

Favorate tracks: Be with you;Me,Myself and I; Signs; Speechless; Dangerously in Love

March 23, 2005


DVD front cover
Lolita [DVD] [1998]
4 out of 5 stars

These are the movies that i have watched and want to review it on holidays.
How Did They Ever Make a Film of Lolita?当时的影片宣传语。

Chinese title 《一树梨花压海棠》。

想出这个中文翻译名的人有几分天才的恶趣味。和另一部经典译制片《魂断蓝桥》一样,很少有译名能如此具有中国特色同时又如此和剧情相贴切。只是,《魂断蓝桥》如同“蓝桥会”的故事一样凄美,而“一树梨花压海棠 ”,闻者不免总能感到千年前那位天才词人带点点坏心的调侃,同时有种香艳暧昧的意味.



DVD front cover
Closer [DVD] [2004] [2005]
3 out of 5 stars

If you believe in love at first sight, you never stop looking

Directed by Mike Nichols (The Graduate)
_Anna (Julia Roberts)_ : photographer who specializes in portraits of strangers;
Dan (Jude Law) : an obituary writer struggling to become a novelist; _Alice (Natalie Portman) _:an American stripper freshly arrived in London after a bad relationship;

lying is the most fun a girl can have while keeping her clothes on.

Larry (Clive Owen) _: a dermatologist who finds love under the most unlikely of circumstance.

Well, i haven't read the original novel, so i won't judge that whether it's a successful adaptation or not. To the film or story itself, its genre is of course romance, but i suppose that it isn't a film about love, rather one about attraction,lust and lies. This is really a very simple story happen bwteen two couples, however, the four caught in a web of passion and betrayal. After seeing this movie, i can't help to think that what is true love? There is only person in the film that i can't tell who is actually the one he loves. Dan, who r feeling immensely attracted to Alice at his first sight, but after he met Anna, he falls in love with her and tries hard to leave Alice. so does Anna. At that moment, I believe there is true love between Dan and Anna. The problem is, why such relationship could be so brittle. Dan is obvious the kind of "obsessed with truth" man. I won't feel surprised and sad that he can't get the love at the end. As to Anna, at first I couldn't understand why she came back to Larry, but now, I might know why.Because Larry is the one who dotes on her till the end.

Yet, will you choose the one you love or the one who loves you?
Is there lasting love in the modern world?
Is it really Once a cheater, always a cheater?
What's the truth?

After you watch this movie, you might ask yourself those questions or a few more.

March 21, 2005






March 20, 2005

blog 热潮



Follow-up to spring~ from IniN's blog

传说中的重瓣樱花, 同下图有乜分别~

March 19, 2005



Sakura???The one beside the bus station next to humanities building. who can tell me whether this is sakura or not? if not, what flower it is?

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