December 05, 2011

Product Evaluation Technologies

envisage CT Scan scanning

If you’ve seen our previous post, you’ll know that we’re building up our collection of video profiles for WMG research and activities. The latest to be immortalised on film is our Product Evaluation Technologies (PET) group.

Headed by Professor Mark Williams, the PET group can provide technical solutions for a variety of business sectors, supporting the entire product lifecycle from design and development through to market.

We can scan both internal and external features of any component or product and create 3D digital prototypes, or digital simulations.

Our 3D power wall allows you to ‘walk around’ the prototype saving both time and money through informed decision making early on in the development process. Recently the group have put this to good use with Coventry-based Envisage, helping them to show customers virtual reality simulations of exactly how a new advanced concept seat would look within their planes, giving them the ability to walk around a virtual cabin.

The group have also used their so called ‘super powers’ to help a local motorcycle company develop a virtual prototype engine for their superbike, which finished second in the first ever Moto2 in Qatar.

These techniques can also be employed in reverse engineering, allowing you to see inside a component without taking it apart.

We can scan pretty much anything and print it in 3D. Dr Greg Gibbons made an appearance on Blue Peter back in April where he showcased the technique by printing a Blue Peter badge!

Although it has worked with large organisations such as JLR, Tata, Autodesk and Nikon, the group is also available to smaller businesses, working with over 50 SMEs to date in sectors ranging from automotive, healthcare, marine and rail.

Professor Mark Williams says “West Midlands companies are queuing up for free access to this technology which allows them to do everything from searching for microscopic defects deep inside welded components, to laser scanning whole products as big as a car or a van to create a 3D model which they can display and manipulate on the 3D power wall.”

Learn all about PET and see the team at work in the new video

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