September 26, 2005

the first day of new academic year

Today is the first day of year 2005–6, and campus is full of people.

Since I did 10 hours paid work yesterday, there was no chance for me to do any academic work yesterday. This morning I came to office early and checked for email. Thank for God 3 students replied to me after I sent them emails to remind them do the questionnaire for me. They are so nice!

Last Friday I have arranged an interview with a student for this afternoon. However, I am not 100% sure whether she would turn up on time today. So I just phoned her to confirm the time. It is not surprise to find that she is not coming today for some reasons. Then I asked her for Thursday afternoon, and decided to meet her in Birmingham University, where she is staying at the moment. To be honest, I really do not care which place to meet her. It is definitely easier to meet her in Birmingham than South Korean, as I know she is leaving this country this Sunday. I hope everything could go well this Thursday!

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  1. Aor

    My dear, you are doing your best and pushing your whole effort for it. Whatever what will happen, you learn something.

    26 Sep 2005, 19:59

  2. Michael Hammond

    Good luck with contacting your respondent Wen li – have you ever been to S korea by the way? I am wondering how it has been to establish close ties with people from different countries, have you enjoyed it and what would you recommend others to do, I mean if you were advising me on carrying out a project like yours

    26 Sep 2005, 20:44

  3. Thank you for your good wishes Mick. I have never been to South Korea before, but definitely I will go when I have enough time and money. Hope it wouldn't be long!I have enjoyed a lot to see different people from various cultures, and made friends with them. It is really great fun for me. I like to do it because I am a verbel person, and enjoy making friends most of the time. However, one man's meat is another man's poison.

    27 Sep 2005, 11:22

  4. Wenli

    The most important thing is to get your interview done. We do crazy things to accomplish it. At the end of the day…you need your data. But of course, I woud not travel to South Korea. I would send an email instead:). Call the students, send letter…

    I used to send nice emails to my participants in the USA. They took ages to answer my surveys and interviews. I had had many terrible nights thinking I would not make it. I used to send them emails and snail mail letters thanking them and reminding that theri participation was key to my study. Without their PhD!!


    30 Sep 2005, 11:19

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