June 15, 2006

Learning how to swim—– my story

For some lucky people, swimming is just a piece of cake—— they learnt how to swim when they were a child without much difficulty. For them, swimming is just as easy as using knives and forks, or chopsticks. However, for a small group of people, to be able to swim is just like to walk to another planet, which is a big challenge in their life. Most of them were afraid of water since they were little children, and dare not have the idea of learning swimming.

Unfortunately I was among the small group of people who are afraid of water since I was 2 years old. My parents still can remember that every time when they wanted to give me a bath, I was always crying as soon as I see the water. Occasionally if I go to swimming pool I will always bring a group of “savers” to be my accompany, and use a float all the time.

With ages increasing, I found it was more and more difficult to find partners who wanted to do the same sport at the same time with me. Every one is so busy! However, I am those sorts of people who can not survive without physical exercise. So, I decided to challenge myself to learn swimming!

I enrolled for a swimming lesson, and bough swimming suit, glasses, hat as my equipment. In the first two lessons, my performance was so poor that I even can not float with a sausage. That feeling was I was a loser, I am a loser, and I am going to be a loser in swimming in my whole life. Of course I can give up, nobody force me to swim. Then I heard a story from my friend—— his mom learned how to swim in her sixties by herself, and she spent 3 years to learn! My goodness, compared with her I am still very young, and I got tutor here. I know I am not very clever but my IQ should be the same with majority of the people because I can manage many other tasks well.

So, I talked my problems with my friend, and asked her to give me some tips. My friend said I probably were not patience enough, because nobody could learn how to swim in one day. Also she suggested me to ask the tutor to point out my weakness, and asked for homework after each lesson. “Do a lot of practice at your own time dear”, she smiled. I followed her suggestions. Later I talked to my swimming tutor, and asked her for homework. Meanwhile, if my academic work is not very busy, I get up at 7am every day, and then go to the pool to practice. Little by little, I am improving.

At the moment I still can’t swim properly, but I believe I will be able to swim in two weeks, if I carry on practicing. In the process of learning swimming, I also found that the reason of my poor spoken English was I was too impatient. Every time when I was trying to express myself in English, I was too anxious to let people know my meaning, so I spoke very fast without thinking properly, and the result was people were confused of me. What a shame! From last week I started to speak slowly, and take my time when I was talking. I found people could understand me better!

Be patient, hard working, right strategies, strong will…. these are what I have learned from my swimming lesson. I believe if I can use them properly, I can get most of the things I want sooner or later.

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  1. Well done! I think you've improved a lot since the first lesson and you managed to swim without any floats or sausages today.

    16 Jun 2006, 00:38

  2. Thanks a lot for your encouragement Shakti!

    16 Jun 2006, 19:33

  3. This morning I went to swimming, and I found I can swim for about 5 metres without any floats or saurages. I am very happy with that—– I think it is a good start!

    19 Jun 2006, 11:31

  4. Tom

    Hi Wendy, how u been doing, happy to find u on the blog list, as u r the only one still at uni.

    I won't go through all ur enties as there r too many.

    anyway, take care…

    Tom from Costcutter

    11 Jul 2006, 15:47

  5. Rahul

    hi Wendy,
    This short blog entry of yours has given me enormous amount of encouragement… Thanks for writing it.


    06 Jul 2007, 07:06

  6. Govind Singh Rautela

    Your story inspires us. Thanks to You.

    16 Jul 2007, 11:53

  7. Bean

    well imazing you are learning. i nearly drowned to death once ill never swim again

    04 Aug 2007, 01:08

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