October 14, 2004

Sth U Can Control, Sth U Cant

U kill the things u can control, and become a slave to those u cant.


I killed my sleep in the early morning, rushed to the bus-stop eight minutes before the time the bus should have arrived. GOD KNOWS! I waited there for ages and ages````until 40 minutes later, it arrived. I've been late for my work for at least half an hour. Thanks to my mobile phone which has the function of radio, that i at least had sth to do instead of just staring at the blank floor and damning the late bus. While I was waiting, Travel Coventry passed three. I felt sick! What pissed me off again was that i saw three Stagecoach passing by when i was on the 40-minute-late bus!

While listening to the radio, i kept thinking one question: Am i a slave to it? i cant control what time the bus comes, either has nothing to do with it. What left me alone is me damning it, which has no feeling, and me myself had a really bad mood as a result. Again, am i a slave to my emtion? Why am i in so bad mood in the early morning just because of a 'non-emtional' bus?

NO i don't want to be a slave to anything if it's possible. Then, i got a better mood.

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  1. you could start by getting a car! :) but seriously, buses come in threes – have you never heard of this theory? it basically means that they, although clearly scheduled, always end up coming all together or choosing to get lost all at once. it's almost as if they had a very strong sense of brotherhood.
    and i like the opening phrase to this post.

    19 Oct 2004, 20:13

  2. honestly, i never heard the theory 'buses come in threes' before~~ so, i've learned a new theory:)
    but i really agree with the theory, it's for everything. sometimes i feel idle and can hardly find sth to do to pass the time, while, sometimes, endless things are there waiting me to do when i already feel exhausted!
    so, the sense of brotherhood in this degree is deadly unwelcome:)

    19 Oct 2004, 20:33

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