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George Ttoouli
Staff: Organisational Development

George Ttoouli is an Honorary Teaching Fellow for the WWP.

He’s had short stories, poems, reviews and articles published here and there, some of which he’s very flattered by. He is grateful to everyone who has taken the time to read his work, especially the ones that flayed him alive.

He co-edits Gists and Piths with Simon Turner, an experiment in poetry e-zining. Submissions are always open, particularly to the unexpected.

He recently took the opportunity of downsizing his freelance work to start a PhD in Ecopoetry. Nothing like giving up your free time to reading books and writing.

He used to be very busy and would apologise to people reading this very biog that it may take a while for him to respond to queries. He has decided to stop pretending. He’s just a bit slow, maybe he doesn’t like computers, maybe he’s lazy. Chase him, he might respond.

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