July 02, 2005

Last Blog?

Wow, I've just found that I can still blog rather unexpectedly.

Anyway, here is what has been happening in my month!

Glastonbury: very suddenly wet but hot apart from that so I managed to come home with wet clothes and rather a nice tan. The bands were great too, check out Alabama 3 in particular. We were only a few tents from those that got washed away though so phew.

Company Accounts: are a NIGHTMARE. Never start your own buisness unless you either have LOADS of money or know exactly what you are doing. The filing cabinent is your friend. Paying people in cash in pubs isn't. ::Sigh::

Graduation: hasn't happened yet but I'm excited. The actual graduation part is going to be deadly dull but I'm looking forward to swanning around in robes for the day.

Thats about it really, I'll be moving into Leamington in September and may join the graduate thing so I can keep blogging. Speak to you all soon!

June 12, 2005


Han has just blogged about this but I want to add my two cents.

Anyway, for those not in the know, Kancho is the art of sticking two fingers up someones butt unexpectedly. The recipient will then know that they have been kancho'd. It comes from Japan where apparently it is no more socially unacceptable then wedgies.

Anyway, somehow I was hit with a kancho. Not too badly as I was wearing quite tight trousers but enough to injure my pride. My revenge was swift and public, on the steps by the dance dance machine in the union in fact. It actually lifted the victim off her feet.

I felt proud. Yet worried. Where will this destructive cycle of kancho end? Even as I delieved the revenge kancho part of me knew that at some time, maybe not that day, maybe not tomorrow, but some day I would pay for my rash actions.

I need to start sleeping with one eye open…

June 06, 2005

I'm naked and I smell of coconuts

Yes its true, I have just had the most fantastic shower of my short life, perfect for so many reasons. Which I will now list.

1. The lateness of the hour. This added a certain excitment to the shower, almost an illicit nature as it runs the added risk of waking people up.

2. I was using wonderful, beautiful tesco's coconut shower gel which smells like heaven.

3. There were a good selection of singing in the shower tunes that were going round my head which varied between sublime and absurd.

4. I wasn't the only one in the shower! Mwehehe


May 25, 2005

Phew, much better now

Ah, I'm feeling much better today than when I wrote the rather depressing entry yesterday. Thanks to everyone who helped cheer me up, I imagine you know who you are! I'm feeling happy to the extent that is isn't even dented that much by the news that the Crazy f'king Frog is going to be number one.

Anyway I have now done quite a lot of work and think I finally understand something Kant has written which is a first. I have also been buying smelly birthday cards and eating rock which was given to me by a nice lady from STA travel.

Unusually I actually feel like revising at the moment which is a weird feeling. Better take advantage of it I guess!

May 24, 2005

I'm feeling blue

Yeah, I don't feel great right now, I have a lot of work to do and have just found out that the film shoot which I'm involved with runs over my birthday weekend which upsets me for various reasons.

However, after writing that last paragraph I have been called up by my friend Emily which made me feel a lot better and gave me a sense of perspective. Thanks Emily. As Reese Feldman would say "I got ya guys, I got ya". I'm particularly glad the kind of yawning feeling in the pit of my stomach has gone.

Anyway, I haven't been doing that much recently. Went up to Glasgow and Manchester in two sucessive weekends which was muchos fun though.

May 08, 2005

Huge oddness

Follow-up to Very sad news from Another Distraction for Tom

Right, before I start this entry I want to explain that I am not insane and don't neccessarily believe everything I'm about to explain really happened but more that I enjoyed the sentiment of it and it made me feel good.

Anyway, now I have your interest, as some of you may know the bassist from my favourite band died a few weeks ago which upset me somewhat. However, the other night I had a weird dream in which the man himself (Billy from Guitar Wolf) come up to me, took his sunglasses off and told me to stay true to the power of rock n roll. What was most interesting is that I had NEVER seen Billy without his sunglasses before which seemed to mean something.

Anyway as I say I don't really think I'm having night time visits from dead rock stars but it was, y'know, an interesting thing for my subconcious to project.

In other news, I have just brought the best of the Ramones, Dark Side of the Moon and Self Destruction Blues by Hanoi Rocks, all of which are mind blowing albums. Yes.

May 06, 2005

Hot Sabb Action

Hello all, I've just got back from the wonderful RaW coverage of the election which was fantastic. I'm slightly hydrated as the phrase goes and am now listening to RaW's continuing coverage.

Anyway, I took part in a competition to kiss as many people on the head as possible in a minute. I lost but lost in style, mainly due to various Sabb's insistence of being kissed on the lips. I was representing the Liberal Democrats and feel that I did win on another level as I was the only candidate to really connect with the voters. Best kiss? By some margin Han, some of the other people left a BAD taste in the mouth (and that was only from kissing their heads).

Anyway, my desktop Peter Snow is announcing another completed count so I'm off. Speak to you soon my lovelies!

May 01, 2005

Lazy Sundays

I really love lazy sundays, the kind where time moves slowly and not much happens and you can sleep whenever you feel like it.

This is a good example of a lazy sunday, I have been out for a family meal and met lots of fun people, been to Toys 'R' Us and brought crap and am now sitting in my room with the window open while my girlfriend has a nap on my bed.

Perfect. And I can do it all again tomorrow, hooray for bank holidays!

April 28, 2005


I actually went to score last night and, suprisingly, had a lot of fun!

Firstly, kudos to ben for dropping Lenny Kravitz, AC/DC and various other rockin' tunes and also for dedicating the Ghostbusters theme tune to me. Also, if you are the person who wanted to watch me pee, you are a strange, strange man and I'm very glad I slapped you (although did run away afterwards). I also discovered that an unexpected kiss is a greay way to solve conflict and that confusing policemen can be fun.

Also, am slightly scared by the comparison a nameless person from the 1st year (Sophie) made on my last entry, between me and James Spader. Argh!

April 24, 2005

My Knees…

…are totally fucked! I blame Carter. But I should explain.

Basically, earlier on this evening I took part in an air guitar contest held by Chris in the Cooler and came a respectable 3rd. However, since a lot of bending backwards was invovled, my knees feel like death!

Other than that it was a great night, apart from the fact that Han locked both sets of keys in her car. Oh well, thank God for the AA.

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