February 04, 2009

In which the existence of the books is questioned

In describing the theme of the prize to my Physics student housemate, she looked at me with trepidation. "Complex?" she echoed the word. "In physics, that means... it means it's imaginary." In a house of literature and creative writing students, it is often that she is baffled at some of the things we obsess over, but this one seems to be one of the more, excuse the repetition, complex. Answers.com supplies me with more reasonable representations of the word at the centre of this Prize: composite, intricate, exaggerated or obsessive concern.

A tower of books stands 8.4 inches before me: 8.4 inches of 'Complex' physics, politics, music, religion, literature and social commentary (it looks taller that it sounds in real life, honest). Some of the concepts are fairly out-there, but I wouldn't call any of their arguments imaginary. Yet. During the process of reading through all of the books I expect to change my mind and have it changed, by the writing, by the subject, by the author and by the other shadow judges, and then have it changed back again.

In consultation with the actual judging panel and with each other, we have come to the conclusion that our final judgement must simply be one of personal taste, and may mean than our unanimous decision will simply end up being the one we all hate the least.

And so, in order for you to calibrate of my own taste, I have created a playlist which I think reflects and represents the books and their subjects.  I imagine there are rules regarding file sharing on Warwick blogs, so I shall leave you with the track listing, and if you fancy you can go and find the songs on itunes or something. 

  1. My Manic And I 		Laura Marling 			Appignanesi
  2. Leslie Ann Levine		The Decemberists
  3. Music is my Hot, Hot Sex 	CSS 				Ross
  4. The Sound of Silence 		Simon & Garfunkel 
  5. Hiroshima 			Ben Folds 			Klein
  6. Ghost of Corporate Future 	Regina Spektor
  7. The Book I Write 		Spoon 				Vila-Matas (trans: Dunne)
  8. Unwritten 			Natasha Bedingfield
  9. The Scientist 			Coldplay 			Kauffman
  10. God 				Jack's Mannequin 
  11. A Murder Of One 		Counting Crows 		Goldman
  12. Revolution 1 			The Beatles

Ellie Williams


P.S. The Bedingfield track is purely for its aptness to the book.  It is of paramount importance that you do not judge the rest of my choices by that one alone.

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