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September 29, 2012

A great support service of Warwick– Wolfson Research Exchange: By Sruti

"Sruti Das Choudhury, received a B.Tech. in information technology and M.Tech. in computer science and application from India, in 2005 and 2009, respectively. I started my Ph.D. in Engineering at the University of Warwick in 2010 on "gait recognition".

The Wolfson Research Exchange, which is situated on the third floor of the main library, is a dedicated space for facilitating Warwick research life with lots of well-thought out opportunities and activities. It provides you with seminar rooms for your collaborative research. Every seminar room is well furnished with inspirational audio-video equipment, smart boards, etc., which surely you would be tempted to book for working with peers.

Besides the seminar room booking facility, Wolfson Research Exchange organises various events throughout the academic year, e.g., Welcome event, speed networking, Christmas gathering, live-music Rex-Fest winter, Euro-Football themed event, world food picnic and many more so that you do not feel isolated in your research life. It has a dedicated group of research exchange ambassadors from different departments for planning, organising and advertising these events to make them a grand success!

The support services offered by research exchange remain incomplete if I do not talk about research match and PhD life blogging facility. Please don’t delay to create your research match profile after joining as a Warwick research student. This will make you known to numerous research students of the University and you can also find your research soul mate to generate a brilliant idea together! It enhances you collaborative research opportunity, undoubtedly.

I am thankful to PhD life blogging facility which provides us with the opportunity for sharing personal experiences, thoughts and ideas in a broad, informal domain.. So dear friends! Let's enjoy blogging - as it breaks down distance; helps to continue the personal gossip, even with someone you haven’t met yet.

Finally, I should gratefully mention about Wolfson Special Interest Group which is a new initiative to provide you an opportunity to work with a prestigious team of academics from Warwick, forming collaborative, interdisciplinary links.Each group is made up of researchers from various disciplines and is facilitated by an academic sponsor.

Wolfson Research Exchange is the most lovely and friendly place of Warwick as I have found; the specialty of it is that it loves to help you and is absolutely free of cost! The only thing that you need to do is to come forward and be a part of this community to make a significant difference to your research life.

January 31, 2012

Let me relax: By Sruti

Its pleasing and relaxing, indeed. Its just like a burden is released. After spending a couple of months working hard and with extensive thoughts, finally I managed to submit a journal paper only yesterday. For the time being, I dont want to worry about the fate of the paper, i.e., whether it will be accepted or not, rather, I want to relax now, simply relax at least for a day.

Following submission of a paper, I always prefer to organise the various files including pictures, sourcecode, etc. at the right place, so that I can easily find them if the referees suggest for changes. The comments of the referees are usually very constructive and jenuine, and helps to enhance the chance of getting the paper published.

My supervisor has made significant contributions by providing valuable feedbacks at all times, and efforts to reduce the length of the paper to fit into 10 pages as the journal charges if this limit is exceeded! According to me, the page limit is also useful to maintain the quality of academic writing, although I find it very hard and time consuming to reduce. I do not exactly remember where I read this quotation "I am writing you a long letter because I do not have time to write you a short one". But, its validity is very well understood by me while shortening a paper.

After submitting the paper online together, my supervisor asked me, "Are you tensed?" I replied softly with a pleasing smile, "I am not tensed, but let me relax, sir."

January 22, 2012

PhD networking events – by Sruti

Wolfson research exchange organises a couple of PhD networking events throughout the year to provide excellent opportunity to the PhD students for finding their research soulmates. The events are committed to provide a common platform where effective conversations blossom leading to a successful prospects of collaborative research. The beauty of the event is that it brings the PhD students belonging to different departments under one umbrella, where they can share their experiences, research methodologies and make new connections.

One such event was held on 19th January, 2012 in the Wolfson research exchange, and it was a success as usual. As a research student ambassador, I find great enjoyment in planning and organising the events with other ambassadors and helping set up for this. Participation in this event has helped me to find many friends whom I can help and get helped by in need. I have gained lots of valuable information from them which has brighten my days here at the Warwick in terms of both academic and nonacademic activities.

Also dear friends, when you get bored with your research work and need to delocalise your focus from the computer screen, these events are highly participatory. Effective socialising, networking and sharing your research in the broad domain have the capability in maximising our productivity. Do you know how it has helped me? A prblem was uppermost in my mind for long, but I was not able to find an answer for it. The proble was surprisingly solved by my research soulmate out there in few mins!

So, my friends, come and join us. Lets have fun together and chat for a while with nibbles and drinks. Additionally you might get your perfect research partner in the event exclusively designed for you!

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