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January 18, 2012

The art of managing time: By Sruti

Time waits for none and wasted time never returns. Time management is the stepping stone for the success and better it is managed, easier it is for you to reach your goal.

A properly managed time reduces stress and improves productivity. It brings one kind of mental peace and satisfaction if you are able to finish everything that you have planned to do in a day. To me, "A richest person is one, who is happy with his/her daily work."

Dear friends, lets take a short while to think about our most prioritised job at this moment - and I am sure, for most of us it is to complete the PhD within the stipulated time. Now lets make a list of other things that are distracting us by stealing our valuable time. It might be prioritising immaterial issues, excessive time spent on networking sites and chatting, disorganisation, and also loss of concentration due to home sickness. Let these issues be discarded one by one until we are left with only one thing to concentrate at least for the time being to protect our valuable time. Chatting, socialising, networking, hanging outs etc., have a tremendous role to play in maximising our productivity and improving our thinking power untill they are under our control. Remember, they are harmful if we are getting controlled by them.

Delay your work, if you can. For example, suppose you have agreed to submit an assignment to your superviosr by a certain date, but in the mid way of the assignment you realise that it can be improved if few more additional days are spent on it. It is always better to do things perfectly even taking longer time, rather than making lots of repeated changes to what has been done imperfectly in haste. After all, slow but steady wins the race.

We should help those who really need it. A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Simultaneously we need to identify those people who do not put much effort but want to get their work done by you cleverly considering your time as their time. The art of managing time does include the art of saying "NO" in these cases, dear friends! Please help them to realise that self-help is the best help, because they need this help urgently!

January 10, 2012

Thanks to PhD life blogging facility – by Sruti

This is to thank you PhD life blogging facility provided by Research Exchange! Thank you very much for providing me with the opportunity for sharing personal experiences in broad domain and allowing very intimate conversations to blossom. Its very personal, just like talking to someoneface to face about my research life here at the University of Warwick.

I have got many important ideas from the blogs posted by others, which hasgiven a direction to my research. For example, I am really motivated by Bernie's recent blog post about her successful completion of PhD within three years funding period. Sheconsiders three years to be enough for a PhD, which seems to be very inspiring.

Like all others, I also enjoy blogging with the thoughts that are uppermost in my mind, not that which is uppermost in my heart--besidesI should wish to give a picture of my research life here whenever by a touch I can do it. One of the best thing about it is that it has brought mecloser to many researches, even with someone I haven't met face to face yet. While blogging, we must not say "This is too small a thing to put down." Rather we should say, "This is just the sort of small thing we talk about at home. If I tell them this they will see me, as it were, they'll hear my voice, they'll know what I'm about."

To me, its familiarity is not its weakness, but its supreme virtue. When I get bored with my work, it acts like a refreshment to read others' blogs, or to post my own. Rex blogging facility says to all, "I will listen to you very carefully, your problems, your entertainments, your research, yourpersonal experiences, your life here being away from home. I always love to see new faces with new ideas as well."

So dear friends! Lets enjoy blogging - as it annihilates distance; helpsto continue the personal gossip and the intimate communion.

November 09, 2011

The route of a journal paper getting accepted – by Sruti

Its an excellent news indeed, dear friends! Truely, It can enlighten your mind and brighten up your day in a moment. Just imagine - one fine morning you receive an email from your supervisor saying that your paper is accepted by the revewers if you only care to make some minor changes! Receiving this news for a early career researcher for the first time is a matter of rejoice undoubtedly, and I was not an exception.

My dear friends, this moment is worthy, motivating and inspirating - and we all deserve it here at the University of Warwick. Yes, it definitely claims hard work, intensive thinking and planning in a right derection. Also, effectine reading of good journal papers and organizing your data carefully matter a lot. But this is exactly what is expected from a researcher.

According to me, the sooner you make the suggested changes, the better it is. Now the time has come to put my best effort so that the chances of the peper getting further reviewed are minimised. Its always rewarding to reach the destination of dream in a shortest possible route.

Believe me, the route might not be very smoothsailing, but its not as hard as it seemed initially in the beginnign of research.

October 25, 2011

Demonstrating in Laboratory is Really Worthy – by Sruti

Hi Friends,

Laboratory teaching duties are really encouraging when you are fully prepaerd for it and feel confident about the subject you teach. It is always advisable to contact the module leader to discuss about the topic well in advance so that you get enough time to prepare yourself.

How blessed you feel when you receive a very pleasant smile with full of satisfaction from a student after correcting his program he was stumbling upon? It brightens up your day and make you feel satisfied.

More interestingly, it helps you to be familier with different subjects other than your research or recapitulate a topic you were taught long time ago. Also, it gives you the opportunity to interact other teaching staff apart from your supervisor expanding your networking circle. It helps us to earn money which is contributory towards the tution fee.

Teaching is a art-enjoy it! Give your best when you teach and make yourself glorious. And we should remember that practice is a key to any teaching.

A lamp cannnot light up other lamps unless it is still burning! Similarly, a teacher cannot teach well unless he is learning himself.

Altogether, laboratory demonstration dutiers are really worthy - lets make full utilisation of this rewarding opportunity provided by our university.

September 08, 2011

Sorry that friends are leaving – by Sruti

It's been a glorious year - I really don’t know how to express it in words. Seven other students, each from a different country, living in the same flat of a campus residence hall, Claycroft! Initially, none of us was known to each other, but now my eyes are moistened seeing them leaving. We enjoyed lot throughout the year, cooked together, shared intimate moments and organised parties on special occasions.

We do not know whether we will ever meet again in our life time. But the memories will persist forever. A completely different taste of life – being in good relation with many students from other countries - who can forget it? We learned so many things from each other which have enlightened our minds and brightened our lives.

I might not meet my friends again, but these memories will remain in my mind forever.

Thank you friends for giving me company, but really feel sad to see you leaving!

July 14, 2011

When time comes for journal publications… Sruti

How do you feel - when you prepare a journal paper with your best effort, sometimes spending sleepless nights to think for it and receives feedback from your reviewers after couple of months either "its rejected" or "review again after major changes"?

Well, believe me, rejection at the early stage might be more beneficial. It makes you more focussed and keen for more accuracy. Moreover, its better to make the suggested changes of your referees so that the chances of the paper getting published becomes higher. The comments of the referees are very useful, indeed.

Its not actually a matter of getting disappointed - as its a learning process. Therefore, I think, its good to aim for the best journal first to get the expert reviews quicker. If its accepted, its well and fine, but if it is rejected, you can always send it to an easier journal or after making the modifications, you can send it even to a another same rated journal.

So, friends, lets take it as a challenge - After all, we are also experts! We have also novel thoughts!

We can definitely make things happen.

July 01, 2011

Teaching for the Engineering Bursary Award – by Sruti

Hi Friends!

Exam Hall

Engineering bursary award along with Warwick Postgraduate Research Scholarship is highly beneficial to cover up the difference in tuition fee between the home student and the overseas student. As you know, the difference is huge. But this award is conditioned upon successful completion of the teaching duties in the department not exceeding 120 hours per annum. These duties include - demonstration in the laboratories, invigilation in exam halls and checking exam scripts.

Preparations, preparations and preparations - is the key to any teaching. Demonstration in the lab is a very worthy job - and when I am well prepared, it makes me feel very confident. How nice I feel when I see my students feel happy after helping them to make their programs error -free! It's pleasing to be with students, it's great to find them satisfied.

Script checking

Observing students while they write their exams and accompanying them even in the toilets - yes it's fine in the context that it's not as bad as three hour imprisonment. This is the only time I found time is very lengthy, being in England for almost a year. But, the whole system is very organised and well structured. It's honoured to be a part of the exam process, too.

The exam is over and now the time has come for checking exam scripts! Believe me, I am gifted with over 450 exam scrits to be scrutinised for the two subjects! I am overwhelmed with this task right now - struggling hard to finish it off by Monday morning.

Now I have started loving my most hated task so far- writing examinations which seems to be easier now!

Of course, money matters at the end of the day!


June 28, 2011

My super supervisor – by Sruti

Hi friends!

Undoubtedly, supervisors play a major role in our research by giving a direction to it. I have a weekly meeting with my supervisor, who always provides constructive feedbacks on the assignments that I submit. I find weekly meeting very helpful to keep me on track and it gives me the opportunities to discuss about any reseach related questions face to face. He is always a source of inspiration and motivation to all his students. Furthermore, monitoring your progress weekly is always advantageous. Apart from weekly meetings, if he finds any good journal paper or links for softwares that might be useful for me, he sends it via emails. He responds to most emails within few minutes in the office hours and sometimes explains our quiries over phone, if we are in lab. Thus, the reseach has been made very interesting.

June 20, 2011

Waiting for results of my panel meeting… – by Sruti

Nine months have passed away so swiftly and suddenly I discovered that nothing much has been done! But, to my great relief, my progress panel members acknowledged the work done so far positively and provided very good constructive feedback. Now the countdown begins... I am anxiously waiting for the outcome of the panel meeting.

June 16, 2011

Research is interesting – by Sruti

To look for something which is not been fully established yet- is really interesting and enjoyable. At times, its a great satisfaction to receive experimental results in accordance with our expectations! Researchers are credited all over the world for pioneering something which makes things easier, lighter and more useful. So, lets try harder to get things done to our heart's content.

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