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August 20, 2012

Audio–Transcription App – For real? – by Tomi

Did the data collection & analysis phase of PhD life just get easy (-ier)?

I was snooping around the higher-ed grapvine this afternoon when I stumbled on a loud proclamation on Twitter (suffice to say I turned-up the volume in my head only) that there is a new app that does just what it says on the tin, TRANSCRIBE AUDIO.

photo.pngIt is a chrome web app and would be available at the Chrome Web store. Therefore, non-chrome users (like me) may start to shed tears...hold on if you're with me, let me grab a bucket and some rolls of tissue.

On second thought (gingerly dabs eye), this is just too good to be true and I might be downloading the Chrome just to enjoy that service when I get to the transcription stage. If that app is not a mirage, imagine how many weeks of work would be saved!

What tools have you used so far from recording interviews to transcribing?

July 09, 2012

Earning "play" Time

This weekend was one of those in which I was able to take a peek into a non-research-related book for a change. My choice was The Jewish Phenomenon, a really great business/self-help bookby Steven Silbiger .

In the course of reading, I came across this paragraph that hit home big time! The sentence goes, "if you like to play around, you need to earn your free time..."

This definitely makes sense because, if you like to play and that is all you do, you won't get anything else done. It's a good thing playing prevents Jack from being a dull boy (remember all work and no play..bla..bla..bla), but playing is surely not going to write that thesis.

I began to ask myself then, how much work do I do on my thesis to qualify for play time? How much time should ideally go into play time? Rule of thumb of course is that work-time should far exceed play-time, but how far is far enough?

Personally, I find that no matter how much I study and work on my research, whenever I play (watch Eastendersor lounge with LOOKmagazine) I never totally play; my mind is just stuck on pretty thesislike Pussycat Dolls singing "stick with you forever". Is that still a top jam?

One is almost hit by a guilt-tornado the moment you actually realise you've had so much real fun you FORGOT you had a thesis to write... like seriously I forgot about you for a second? That hasn't happened to me yet - not certain I want it to too. I mean, even if I tried to forget for a moment, I am constantly reminded by those around me who always brightly go "hey, how is your phd going?" - story for another day.

I have a structure for work and play time that seems to work for me now, but i'll like to hear from you: how do you structure your playtime? or you don't playat all?

Let rub minds on working this productivity puzzle out.


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