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November 19, 2012

PhD News Desk (2)

PhD News Desk is a round-up of the best stories from all around the academic globe. It would be coming to you weeklyPond (Mondays), and you are free to suggest any hot article you come across and would like featured here. Simply send an email to PhD News Desk), and we would even be kind to give you an hat-tip ;-) (wink).

Let's get this started!

If you've been searching for ways to maximise the use of that SmartPhone as a researcher, I found this list via @PhD2Published on Twitter - 10 Smartphone Apps for Academics. Off this list, I have just downloaded "Pomodoro - focus Booster" (iPhone). It would be interesting to check out if this works for me (i'll probably blog about it).

Kindly add to the list in the comments section if you find any app you are currently using missing.

In other news, I stumbled on this titled, Critical Thinking is SEXY - bringing SEXY back to critical thinking, and I thought HUH?! *insert bulging eyeballs*. What an antithesis!! (pun not intended by the way). Did the author convince me that critical thinking was sexy? *scratches chin* - to be honest it's a really short post and I struggled a bit with it was really about. However, you could give it a try :)

AMAZE-BALLS news (aka amazing): I found this link on YouTube, Kelvin, a 15 year old African teen, self-taught techie INVENTOR, is wow-ing the team @ MIT. He is the youngest person in history to be invited on the Visiting Practitioners Program at the University. Kelvin was discovere by an MIT PhD Student at a summer orientation camp.

I found this in Thesis Whisperer's archive and thought you might find it handy (I did) - What is the best way to take notes on your PhD? (crowdsourced responses)

Must All Postgrad Research Have 'Impact'? - This was published in The Guardian last week, in case you missed it. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Tomi Oladepo (myself) - I took this picture at the lake (close to Pool Meadow) in Coventry. Nature is beautiful (For more pictures, do check me out on Instagram: @tow_mee).

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