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February 15, 2012

Back to reality – by Perry

Strangely, I am confronted with my first full week back in my lab since almost Christmas. January has been an unusual month; a lot of demonstrating, combined with some work in another lab and ending in a skiing holiday in France. While the change of scenery (especially the holiday!) has been a good break from the routine, I am now sitting at my desk, trying to remember what state I left my PhD in.

But knock knock! In comes my supervisor who wants a meeting in an hour. This means I am probably about to get a sharp reminder of the current state of the art. Not only that, but the long list of emails I need to catch up on looks like a mix of irrelevant departmental notices and important arrangements, and therefore needs careful ‘sieving’.

The Alps are so much more beautiful than my office view. But that’s that for a year or so. Sitting here thinking about my holiday makes my wonder how much time a break really takes up? So there is the week running up. Very distracting. All you can really think about is the fact that next week, you will not be in work. Then there is the week away. Amazing. Then you get back. You don’t want to go to work. But, you have to go nonetheless. And so here I sit, writing a blog entry instead of doing the great many other things I should be doing.

Hopefully this state of procrastinating denial will not last too long, otherwise the damage toll for a one week break will have extended into three.

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