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March 23, 2011

Community profile project – by Paula


Dissemination is an essential part of the research process

Dissemination is not just about publication. It should be about getting your information to the right people. Is a community profile a good option?

Rex is developing a networking community profile project to involve the community’s expertise and knowledge and to support research students and researchers to discuss and share information on current research issues. By bringing together students from different fields we intend

  1. To provide an academic-research home within Warwick University that allows identification of community students and development of long-standing, collaborative community-University research partnerships. 
  1. To create investigation and career development opportunities that promote multi-directional knowledge flow between the postgraduate students-researcher/employer- research funders-fellow professionals...
  1. To create and test new innovative methods for community engagement and community-based participatory research.  

Rex welcomes the collaboration of any postgraduate student, who can help to develop this project


January 25, 2011

Who? – by Paula

Writing about web page /researchexchange/entry/how_many_people/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Ufffff! After endless hours in front of my laptop, reading and reading... writing and writing. I wonder how many people will be interested in reading my thesis? My supervisor? He has to read it. He has no choice. The external examiner? Well! He will be paid to do it. But who would like to read it? My friends? I doubt. My family? Poor them. I can’t keep torturing them.....

So am I writing to a stranger? Someone nameless? Someone I have never seen in my life? Isn´t that awkward?!

So before we go further, I need to tell you, Mr. (s) Whoever-you- are, you should contact me immediately after reading my thesis and tell me how great is my research and how much I have changed your life.

I am above all interested in making an impactonsomeone's life. This is what drives me in this endless route.

And now dedicated to my PhD thesis- Fine Young Cannibals:

December 02, 2010

SOAPBOX for reflection – by Paula

I am new here!

I have always regarded PhD as much more than writing and structuring ideas in an academic style. To me, doing a PhD is a learning journey (sometimes in a raft surfing on storm waves other times sailing in a flat sea with no wind at all) about getting to know who I am as a researcher and what type of researcher I would like to be in the future

When I started writing my thesis proposal on the social impact of arts I had a strong idea of what I wanted to achieve. After 3 years of researching, I can tell you more about my doubts than my convictions. Gaining knowledge has proved to be about establishing my ignorance. Walking down this long road I don’t now where I am, I don’t know where I’m going but (of that I have no doubt) I will get there sooner or later. That makes me smile and to think of a quote by Albert Einstein “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”

So do not panic when you feel disconnected - attached yourself to something you really like.And then free yourself again and follow your journey

I will write something about this later on, but now time to work.


(PS Do not forget to save some time to watch the last Mike Leigh’s film “Another Year” (Warwick cinema, this week)

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