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July 04, 2011

Lonely Londoners? – by Kenneth

Unlike in London which was a busy city, Coventry appears quiet. Living in Coventry is a contrast when compared with living in London. My experience in Coventry since coming to do my PhD reflects in vivid terms the expositions in the book "lonely Londoners" which I read some 15 years ago.

The book lonely Londoners reflects the life and times of people living in London and indeed in UK. It shows in vivid terms how people could be lonely without seeing neighbours and the hassles and bustles of work life in order to earn a living.

Moving from London to Coventry after my LLM programme reflects in clear terms that London is no longer lonely when compared to the sleepy town of Coventry.

The book lonely Londoners should be renamed lonely Coventry. No more, no less.

June 06, 2011

Giving up everything – by Kenneth

I am Kenneth, a first year PhD student in law. This is my experience of the PhD so far. 

It has been quite hectic though worthwhile doing a PhD in Warwick. Unlike other programmes I have done in the past, my research appears to have taken a tremendous toll in my social life; football matches-my favourite passion are rarely watched; every thought and attention is placed on the research. This is an experience every person intending to do a PhD must accept if really you want to do a good job. I have no regrets whatsoever because I want to excel in my chosen field. 

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