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June 10, 2013


The journey to establishing a career on any path (academia and otherwise) is usually laced with numerous opportunities. Although there may be seeming setbacks along the way, the ability to identify and tap on the right door, then go the extra mile to walk through it, makes a great difference between progression and regression or stagnancy. Many big breaks in life have come through someone literally being at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing - this could be enrolling on the rightworkshop, networking with the rightpeople, or participating in the rightventure.

When I first heard of the Collaborative Sandpit at the University of Warwick Research Exchange, the first thought that came to my head was, "THIS IS RIGHT!"

Let me tell you all about it. group_seated_crop.jpg

The Collaborative Sandpit is a 2-day intensive and interactive workshop, where "interdisciplinary research teams" work together to achieve two goals:
1. Define research problems on a given theme (*community),
2. Outline a grant proposal

Successful project teams would receive funding to work with an academic mentor in bringing their research plan to fruition.
Doctoral researchers and early career researchers at University of Warwick are eligible to participate in this initiative.

I reckon you are tuning into WII FM at the moment. Don't get confused, WII FM is simply the acronym for WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?
I'll tell you what:

Build team-working skills:You get to collaborate the wider academic community at University of Warwick. On any job interview, it's a given that your ability to work in a team is going to be put to the test. Being a part of CS offers you a credible pool to draw a demonstration of that skill from.

Research to Reality: You are also afforded a chance to apply your research to contemporary real-life challenges. Speaking as a fellow researcher, I have a good feeling that I would find this aspect of research more gratifying than anything else.

Boost your research profile:Every hour, every minute, every second you spend on your individual research projects is an investment - an investment everyone else around you is making. The best way to stand out of the pack is to do something OUTSTANDING. I am convinced that the Collaborative Sandpit offers just the right shade of differentto add some colour to my research profile.

Skills Support Pre & Post Sandpit: I never hesitate to point out to my friends in Warwick that if we had to pay £££ per workshop we attended at Warwick University, we wouldn't be able to afford 3-sqaure meals in a matter of weeks. There is so much support available to which the only cost to you is your time - fair bargain if you ask me. CS offers many skills support workshop to ensure you are as successful as you can be on the program. More so, these skills are transferable, hence if you wish to work within or outside academia, you would still be getting your time's worth.

Transforming Ideas into Funded Projects:Funding is a key part of work life. In the commercial sector, you have attract enough funds to cover your salary and beyond to keep your job; and in academia, the scramble for funding is…I need not say much. My argument is that while on CS you will gain the experience of converting ideas to viable projects - how does one think through such ideas, what factors are to be considered? etc. CS is just the rightfallow ground to train and hone that skill.

Expression of interest forms are available online
Visit the website here.

For more information or queries, please email

November 30, 2012

1st Interdisciplinary Collaborative Sandpit Workshop – by Ceren

Writing about web page

A Sandpit is an intensive,interactive workshop designed to produce radically innovative research proposals. Participants from a diverse range of disciplines come together in a creative,free-thinking environment – away from their every day routines and responsibilities – and immerse themselves deeply in a collaborative process around an important challenge.With the goal of inspiring more innovative and multi-disciplinary research proposals,the Sandpit was conceived by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in 2003.

The First Interdisciplinary Collaborative Sandpit workshop will take place on 11 - 12 December 2012 at Wolfson Research Exchange,Library. The Collaborative Sandpit will be a full 2 day event dedicated to develop new and creative interdisciplinary research proposals, with the 3 best proposals being awarded £5,000 each, to support the subsequent development of the projects. This interactive workshop and intensive discussion forum, will be held by Dr Peter Hedges (Director of the Research Support Services), and assisted by a number of Senior Academics.

This is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed - as well as a gateway to invaluable research progression, you will have an opportunity to develop your skills and confidence to work innovatively to solve problems associated with a real research issue. Over two days you will have the chance to work in a unique group, from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, and enhance your research and career development.

Over two days you will have the chance to work in a unique group,from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, and enhance your research and career development. You will generate ideas, find innovative solutions, promote yourself and your work and potentially attract funding. You will have a chance to work collaboratively with other Academics and researchers from Arts and Social Sciences, to Medicine and Sciences.This will be an intensive event, but there will be also opportunities for leisure and informal networking activities.

The themes selected for this Collaborative Sandpit are:

1) Cyber crime prevention and biometrics based surveillance for global security

2) Information Networks and Society

3) Sustainable Development: Technological, Economic, Human

The criteria for selecting sandpit participants are:

a) The potential to contribute to research at the interface between disciplines

b) The ability to work in a team

c)  The ability to explain research to non-experts

d) The ability to develop new and highly original research ideas

e) Later stage PhD and early career researchers

To register your interest, go to sandpit website and indicate your topic of interest. Provide 200 words on your contribution to the development of the research and how you think you will benefit from taking part in this research session.


Places are limited! DEADLINE to register - 9 am on Tuesday 4 December

If you do have any questions ,then please email

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