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April 15, 2012

Twitter all the way – by Deborah

Went to the twitter workshop last week which was extremely helpful.  Run by CM, we went through signing in, who follows who, who in fact is a follower and all the other jolly little terms that are bandied about which, for a fairly new tweeter such as myself, used to mean very little.  Shame on all those people who registered but did not turn up...there is another session at IAS on the 26th April, 2pm - 4pm if anyone wants another go.

I put my twittering skills into good use whilst watching the racing of all things, tweeting to the BBC regarding the pieces they included during their last coverage of the Grand National.  My hardest thing is remembering passwords and what is a handle, in tweet world.  Im American racing it is the amount that has been gambled on one day's racing so when asked for my handle I thought I was being asked something to do with my financial state initially - interesting how words can mean so many different things in different context. And how tweet can be mispelled as twit which is what I used to feel when trying to tweet.  Thanks to the helpful run through however I am now more confident and like a lot of these things, it's a case of just going for it.

Happy tweeting

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