March 10, 2009

A short video about plagiarism

A video demonstrating the use of the Turn It In source matching software used by many universities including Warwick. I create a document using materials taken from three sources:

  1. Wikipedia;
  2. An online journal article;
  3. An essay borrowed from a friend.

See what happens when this essay is scanned by Turn It In:

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  1. James Bateman

    Robert: I am concerned this video may be plagiarised from other videos on Youtube :)). Only joking lovely presentation of the material.

    In all seriousness does turn it in get round the fact alot of the links on the web are behind closed doors from Google? (i.e. logged in services/ paid for services).

    I guess stuff on my site (PDF files) fall into this category i.e. its subscription and therefore you can’t access it unless you’re a subscriber.

    24 Mar 2009, 20:20

  2. Robert O'Toole

    It’s coverage is quite un-predictable. But it does have access to many secure sites, including many that sell essays. Coverage is very extensive in science, medicine, economics, law and similar. Patchy in the Arts. But for any students listening, don’t risk it! Getting caught means very bad things will happen.

    24 Mar 2009, 20:43

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