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October 18, 2011



I was really excited when I was coming to University of Warwick, Yeh finally doing an MSc Degree,which is really an Honor, Because mostly individuals don't study Msc, and I would like to mention my past experience what basically I think about MSc course. When I was young I met some Post -graduates student in my region. I interacted with them,they were so intellectual, decent with a different mentality. At that moment to me they look so stupid, but on the very first day and the induction week I realised how they was and why they were like this. So my point is A boy when he goes to school, college university. An indiviual mind starting changing after university life or when you work after you graduated. You started thinking about business life. Now when Msc students looks at college students, what they will probably do.? they will laugh and they will remember their time.

SO my point is education is the key to sucess and that is why i am here for my Degree.

Guys this is my first ever blog of my life got confused in the middle but i will focus on CBE.

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