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April 05, 2005

Scheduled Events 11–15 April

Monday 11 April 10am: Discussion, KITP Small Seminar Room
Entropy of volume distributions
(A. Zippelius, D. Dean, V. Kumaran)

Tuesday 12 April 10am: Two talks + discussion, KITP Small Seminar Room
Kinetic theory of Granular Gases
E Ben-Naim
A Zippelius

Tuesday 12 April 2pm Founders Room
Simulations of Granular Materials
Informal Discussion (A Zippelius and students of J Carlson, J Langer)

Wed 13 April 10.30am: Talk + discussion, Small Seminar Room
The onset of rigidity in simple particulate systems
David Head

Thurs 14 April 10am: Programme Seminar, KITP Auditorium
JF Brady (Caltech)
From Proteins to Peas: Diffusion Across Scales

Thurs 14 April 2pm: Founders Room
Discussion on Correlated structures in Granular Gases
Led by T. Poeschel.

Fir 15 April 10am: Two talks + discussion, Small Seminar Room
Free surface and confined shear flows: continuum modelling
Daniel Lhuillier
Constitutive equations from kinetic theory
V. Kumaran

John Brady: Seminar 14 April

From Proteins to Peas: Diffusion Across Scales

John F. Brady
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

Diffusion is one of the most basic and elemental transport processes and is responsible for the molecular mixing of different chemical species. For a protein molecule, the diffusivity is given by the familiar Stokes-Einstein formula relating the Brownian diffusivity to the thermal energy times the hydrodynamic mobility of the protein: D =kT/6 \pi eta a, where \eta is the viscosity of the solvent and a is the protein size. The Brownian self-diffusivity decreases as the concentration of protein molecules increases owing to the crowding effect of near neighbors. As the diffusing species increases in size from a protein to a several micron-sized colloidal particle, the stirring of the background fluid can give rise to another mechanism of transport – ‘shear-induced’ diffusion. Here, hydrodynamic interactions among particles promote mixing and the self-diffusivity now scales as \gamma a2 , where \gamma is the shear rate. In this regime, the self-diffusivity is an increasing function of concentration since particle-particle ‘collisions’ are responsible for the diffusion motion. At still large particle size (millimeter or larger), the inertia of the particles becomes important, direct particle-particle collisions dominate the transport as opposed to the stirring of the background fluid, and the self-diffusivity now behaves like that in a dense gas: D ~ a Tg1/2 , where Tg is the ‘granular temperature’, which is set by the stirring motion and the energy dissipated upon particle-particle collision. As in a dense gas, the self-diffusivity now decreases with increasing particle concentration. The physical origin of these various behaviors and their implications for mixing and concentration distributions in flows will be discussed.

Scheduled Events 30 May – 3 June

Mon 30 May: Memorial Day (US Holiday).

Tues 31 May, 10am KITP Auditorium
Granular Programme Seminar
J Socolar (Duke)

Wed 1 June, 10am KITP Auditorium
Corey O'Hern:
Random Close Packing revisited: counting the ways to pack frictionless disks
David Wu:
Topology of Stress Transmission in Isostatic Assemblies

Thu 2 June, 10am KITP Auditorium
R. Behringer:
Forces in granular materials
followed by discussion

Fri 3 June, 10am KITP Auditorium
J Jenkins
Kinetic theory for dense bounded shear flows
R Wildman
Bounded shear flows: comparison of theory and experiment

Scheduled Events 23–27 May

Mon 23 May 1:30 pm
Discussion on application of kinetic theory to chute flows.
Participants: R. Ball, J. Carlson, J. Dufty, J. Jenkins, N. Mitarai, H. Nakanishi, G. Lois, V. Kumaran, and anyone else who wants to participate.

Tues 24 May, 10am
a lot of new arrivals to introduce
Discussion session convened by J McElwaine:
Experimental Techniques - issues and ideas

Wed 25 May, 10am KITP Auditorium
Julian Talbot:
Kinetic Theory of a Non-spherical Intruder particle
Christine Hrenya:
Polydsipersity on rapid Granular Flow

Thurs 26 May: Programme Seminar, 10am KITP Auditorium
Dick Iverson, USGS
Dynamics of the ongoing eruption of Mount St. Helens: volcanic extrusion regulated by granular friction.

Thurs 26 May: Informal Discussion, 1.30 pm KITP Porthole Room (end 2500 wing):
Granular Geophysics

Program dinner: The Zia Cafe, 532 State Street, 6:45 pm.

Fri 27 May, 10am KITP Auditorium
J Gollub and D Pine:
Experimental study of irreversibility in fluid flows containing particles, at low Reynolds number: Preliminary results
D van der Meer:
Impact Dynamics: Void Collapse and Jet Formation

Scheduled Events 2–6 May

Mon 2 May 10–11am KITP Small Seminar Room
two short talks:
H Nakanishi: Sweeping pattern by drying process of water-powder mixture
T Poeschel: Onset of vibro-fluidisation

Tues 3 May 10am Small Seminar Room
JN Roux
Granular Physics at IHP 2005

Wed 4 May 3.30pm KITP Rotunda (Room 2514)
Pattern formation
Discussion led by J. Krug, M. Nicodemi

Thurs 5 May 10am KITP Auditorium
Programme Seminar, C. S. Campbell
discussion session to follow after lunch in Porthole Room.

Friday 6 May 3.30 pm KITP Rotunda (Room 2514)
Discussion led by D. Dean

Scheduled Events 25–29 April

Mon 24 April KITP Blackboard Lunch (not Granular Physics)
Emergent Fermions in arbitrary dimension
RC Ball

Tues 26 April 10am KITP Small Seminar Room
Granular Statics
Discussion led by M Nicodemi (Napoli) and D Dean (Sabatier/Toulouse)

Wed 27 April 12noon KITP Auditorium (note room!)
J Carlson Group open meeting:
dynamic instabilities, shear bands, STZ theory, and potential opportunities for new collaborations between theory and experiment

Thurs 28 April Programme Seminar 10am KITP Auditorium
The dynamics of Avalanches and Gravity Currents
J McElwaine (DAMTP Cambridge)

Fri 29 April 10am KITP Small Seminar Room
Self-assembly in granular matter and noise driven motors
A Kudrolli (Clark)

Granular Programme Conference 20–24 June 2005

Please see details on main KITP pages

Scheduled Events 13–17 June

Tues 14 June 10am KITP Auditorium
Matthais Schroeter (UT Austin)
Measuring the Configurational Temperature of Granular Media

Tues 14 June 1:30 pm Founders Room
Discussion led by D. Dean
Thermodynamic approaches for granular materials

Thurs 16 June 10am KITP Auditorium
Programme Seminar
Brad Werner (San Diego)

Fri 17 June 10am KITP Auditorium
Correlation in flowing granular materials

Scheduled Events 6–10 June

Tue 7 June 10 am KITP Auditorium
Informal discussion on correlation in flowing granular materials

Wed 8 June 10am KITP Auditorium
L. Kondic
Temperature of dense granular systems
P. Evesque
Experiments on granular gases in zero gravity

Thurs 9 June 10am KITP Auditorium
Programme Seminar
M. Shattuck
Granular Fluid Dynamics

Friday 10 June 10am KITP Auditorium
L. Cugliandolo
Glassy dynamics in granular matter

Scheduled Events 16–20 May

Tue 17 May 10am KITP Small Seminar Room
Speaker: M. van Hecke
Wide shear zones in granular bulk flow: old and new results

Wed 18 May 10am KITP Small Semiar Room
Two talks + discussion on kinetic theory (J. Huntley coordinating)
Speaker: J. Dufty
From kinetic theory to hydrodynamics in rapid granular flows
Speaker: V. Kumaran
Hydrodynamic modes and time correlations in sheared granular flows

Wed 18 May 1:30 pm KITP Rotunda
Discussion on Kinetic theory.
Led by J. Dufty

Thurs 19 May 10 am, Programme Seminar KITP Auditorium
Igor Aronson (Argonne)
Self-Assembly of Microtubules with Molecular Motors

Thurs 19 May programme dinner: meet up at 6pm, KITP courtyard
Edomasa Japanese Restaurant
(805) 687–0210
2710 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Fri 20 May 10am KITP Small Seminar Room
Two talks + discussion on kinetic theory (J. Huntley coordinating)
Speaker: J. Brey
Energy partition and segregation for an intruder in a vibrated granular system under gravity
Speaker: J. Huntley
Experimental studies and continuum modelling of vibro-fluidized granular beds

Scheduled Events 9–13 May

Tuesday 10 May 10am Seminar
Speaker A. Tkachenko
Story of isostatic packings
Followed by discussion on granular statics.
Small seminar room

Thursday 12 May 10am Seminar
Speaker V. Kumaran
Kinetic theory for high Knudsen number granular flows.
Followed by discussion on high Knudsen number granular flows.
KITP Auditorium

Friday 13 May 10am Two talks + discussion
Speaker M. Dutt
Microscopic Modeling of Powder Compaction
A. Mehta
Probing sand in the jamming limit
KITP Small Seminar Room

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