May 02, 2012

"Practice makes perfect"...ummm,not quite

Mondays session was really interesting!We are repeatedly told that the more you practice, the better you get at something...which is true. But there is a danger in having this mentality. Accidents happen daily, and most of them happen due to failure of anticipation...we get so comfortable in doing the same things or we get put in positions which require repetative work that our minds become only accustomed to norm,we fail to look beyond the expected outcome.

We assume that the obvious is true, so if something out of the ordinary occurs, we fail to respond or respond in an inccorect manner. We opperate by the book alone, which is good, because we follow procedure, but the unexpected happens all the time, regardless of how careful we might instead of waiting for an accident to happen, or ignoring anything out of the norm until it surfaces for us to learn,it is best to anticipate the outcomes...having a checklist in an organization does not suffice,you have to think ahead and anticpate impact,always be causious,especially when people's lives can be endangered.

I came to realise how leaders do actually have great responsibility. I always thought that leaders can only be held accountable to a certain degree because afterall, one man cannot do everything alone, there is only so much a leader can do. But having read all those case studies on accidents happening, when you have so many people working for you and there are difficult work conditions to cope with, you cannot choose to be oblivious to it becuase if something does go wrong, it will haunt you for a really long time. Which makes me think that I will probably make a really awesome leader because I tend to put other people's wellbeing ahead of my own sometimes, its only when everyone is happy that I tend to be satisfied and feel accomplished.

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  1. Daniella Abena Badu

    That is well said and true however being a leader is a great challenge and task on its own, nevermind being an awesome leader. Even though you may desire to have the well being of people as your priority, do the people see their well being as a priority? For instance when dealing with staff who prefer to take short cuts in regards to safety issues, especially if they have been in the organisation long before you. Sometimes they get caught up in their old ways that when you try to show concern towards their well being they think you are taking them out of their comfort zone which may at times result in conflicts but I love your optimism and dont doubt u’ll be an awesome leader.

    06 May 2012, 08:44

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