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April 27, 2012

Bringing RDM and KBAM together

Can we really make robust decisions with limited information?thinking back into RDM we did not have much information about WaveRiders and it is quite the same with KBAM...we are allowed to make assumptions in justifying our implementation suggestions to the board but it makes me question whether we are making scapegoat and "convinient" assumptions which are easy to find solutions to. That is, how different would our decisions be had we been given more information on the case study. I suppose it is easier for us to have this option to make assumptions because we do not have consultancy qualifications but then again how much are we challenging ourselves in making assumptions that really require critical thinking.

I always find it absolutely incredible how each presentation turns out unique, and I am really looking forward to seeing what assumptions other groups are making about WaveRiders in coming up with solutions to knowledge and asset managment.

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emotions01.jpgA thought crossed my mind today as to whether or not there is a difference between knowledge management and information management?I say yes there is because what I remember from CBE and organizational learning is that organizations acquire knowledge, but they distribute information and interpret information because knowldge can neither be distributed nor interpreted...which made then wonder, can an organization manage knowledge or can it manage information?since knowldge is the result from learning and the knowldge people gain from learning is not usually identical, does that not mean that there will be conlicting knowledge created in the organization?So who gets to decide which "knowldge" is valid and should thus be stored/managed in the orgaanization?

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P.S the painting is about emotions,it has nothing to do with KBAM,i just thought it depics conflict and portrays confusion

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