June 03, 2005

Walk or Run Through Rain?

Writing about web page http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/63759.html

So yeah today was just another average day, revision and gym. But I must have looked like an absolute fool coz it was pissing it down with rain for most of the day and I was going around campus in shorts and shirt! What an idiot!

I spent half an hour in maths waiting for the rain to stop so I could walk home without getting soaked. Of course the rain wasn't going to stop so I consulted the internet so see whether it would be best to run or walk home through the rain. The internet said it would be best to run. I point you in the direction of the article above. This was just one example of a site telling me to run. Nevertheless being lazy I walked and didn't get that wet.

What do you think? Walk or run? Does it really matter? Surely you're gonna get wet whatever?

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  1. walking in the rain makes you look more fun … you look more like a man when you do … i think

    04 Jun 2005, 02:52

  2. i meant … is more fun ,,, not looks fun … stupid alcohol

    04 Jun 2005, 02:53

  3. I'd go for walk and try to make it look like you're enjoying it. Or get an umbrella!

    04 Jun 2005, 09:58

  4. Alexander Clayton

    I'd say Run, you may look sillier but you get less wet.

    (Unless you acidently run into a puddle)

    04 Jun 2005, 10:51

  5. Yeah Alex that's a good point! Running into puddles is a nightmare! But are you sure you get less wet if you run? If you run surely the rain soaks into you whereas if you walk a lot of the rain bounces off you.

    05 Jun 2005, 00:09

  6. Antony Edwards

    I believe it all depends on the angle the rain is falling at…... if it's towards you I think you will hit more droplets running, although it will be quicker…....... hmmmmmmm. I remember hearing on 5live at one point that it was better to walk– but who am I to argue with the Internet!

    05 Jun 2005, 14:16

  7. Ricardo Colonia

    Better drive home….

    27 Apr 2006, 21:00

  8. lilblondedude

    me and my dad had an hour long discussion about this and we ended up talking about streamlining and astro-physics (I dont even know why we were talking about the last one!). I came to the conclusion that if you ran, you would become less wet as you are avoiding a line of rain droplets – as if you were avoiding a line of cannon fire, and then you ran before the next lot was fired. My dad suggested that he had made it to easy for me to understand and i was coming to to simple conclusions, but really, I think this is a simple question with a simple answer:
    If you run, you spend less time under the crashing of raindrops than if you walk. It is as simple as that!

    11 Oct 2006, 17:09

  9. Benny

    yeah true, but when you walk you get droplets from both top and front, if you run, your getting the same amount of droplets on top (because you have to same head space and the same amount of droplets hitting it) and you get more from the front becaues you pushing yourself into them more.

    so walk through the rain rather than run

    of course after a while you will get equally soaked, so if it is a short distance sprint like hell

    14 Aug 2007, 07:23

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