March 01, 2006

Kanye West Touch The Sky Tour

Last night John, Lotte, Will and I (along with many other Warwickers and Cov'ers) hopped on the train to the NEC Birmingham Arena. To see Kanye West. I wasn't so sure about going with money running low etc. but I would have positively kicked myself for missing out on the opportunity.
Kanye West: Touch The Sky Tour 1

It probably wasn't as spectacular as I'd imagined it to be. The Arena I thought was too big and its acoustics was frankly, rubbish. I was sitting so far back in block 9, I'd probably have needed 600mm IS lenses to get a decent photo! John Legend's smaller event last September at the Birmingham Academy was a nice cosy affair. Paul and Dz went to see Kanye in the Hammersmith Appollo in London date last week, which I thought might have been better. But with those "complaints" out the way, time to move on to the good stuff.

I still can't get over the way that Chris Payne (the last man on earth who would listen to Hip-Hop) whisper monotonously and in the most unenthusiastic tone of voice:

I ain't saying she a gold digger, but she ain't dealing with no broke…......... broke

Obviously rappers aren't blessed with the most amazing abilities of inventing literature pieces, but it'll do me sometimes. Actually Gold-digger isn't a favourite track of mine!

Kanye West: Touch The Sky Tour 2Kanye West Touch The Sky Tour 3

The best bit of course (was not the support acts). But the all-female string orchestra. They really put a fresher twist on the music. At one point they were playing Bittersweet Symphony during a short interlude which was great. Kanye does the usual "these songs inspired me as a kid" : which surprising included Take on me! I like Kanye cos he makes me laugh and he has a nice style which seems to be different from the others. College Dropout cracked me up the first time I heard it. Unfortunately he didn't play my favourite song Never Let Me Down (probably because of the lack of Mr Jay-Z and Mr J-Ivy)! All in all, twas a good evening (apart from the unfortunate incident involving the stewards), and we all had a lot of fun.

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  1. Get up, I got (down)
    Get up, I got (down)

    at Kanye's London gig. Addiction, Spaceship, Workout Plan, and Prince/Al Green/Dre/The Beatles influences to boot. Superwicked! Saw Kanye in Birmingham in Nov 2004 too; Touch the Sky was more glitzy but still kept the same intimate feel.

    A-Trak was outstanding: shame he didn't play Lucifer as well as Encore, though.

    01 Mar 2006, 22:54

  2. I think I just lucked out with venue: the Hammersmith Apollo and the Birmingham Academy (for the College Dropout Tour) are far smaller and way more suitible. Nowt worse than a huge venue for a hiphop gig!

    01 Mar 2006, 22:58

  3. Thanks for singing my favourite song for me!

    London wasn't a viable option (depsite living there). I've heard we had pretty much the same as the last Tuesday concert. We didn't get Beatles but… erm… can't remember… oh Prince… no wait you've said that… nope lost it…

    Yeah I enjoyed A-Track too. There was one girl in the orchestra (in the white dress) who was really really "feeling it" – that was cool.

    On a totally different note:
    I do remember asking my mate Will inside, "how many guns do you think are in this building right now? 3, 4??"
    It was funny observing the people, who I would say are from "Ghetto Birmingham" lol

    01 Mar 2006, 23:44

  4. Allan Smith

    I've heard from about 3–4 people who were also there, and it seems the shooting/steward incident went largely unnoticed until they'd heard on the news, which is good.

    His live show at Abbey Road looked great, but I don't think a larger venue suits him so much (as you attest to). Although being a one-man show vastly reduces the chances of half the billed act no-showing (cheers Wu-Tang Clan…)

    I'd love to see John Legend live though, I'm quite a big fan of his. His live CDs are great.

    02 Mar 2006, 14:43

  5. JOHN! [sigh]

    He makes me go all agirlish.

    02 Mar 2006, 15:24

  6. *Come on and go with me… there's something new for you, to see… come on and goooooooo*

    from the Prelude …so Cool!

    Yeah I didn't know about shootings til the next day. Tho my mate John Evans said he was disspointed he missed out on them, otherwise his "hip-hop career might have caved out" for him! lol

    02 Mar 2006, 16:37

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