February 13, 2007

Hell Yes!

Follow-up to Dear Mr/Ms World from Something Random

As of the 5th of March Mia will be officially EMPLOYED.


E   M   P   L   O   Y   E   D   .

Parfait Amour celebrations will commence ahead of schedule, as will much bubble-bathage, pampering and singing musicals/radio karaoke out loud. Then after a while it will really sink in and I will have to have a little lie down I guess. Wow. Fucking hell. A Job. With many shiny pennies. and a health plan. Christ.

This is a big thing after all that being poor and tesco-value-ness.

I think I might have to have that lie down first... 


M xxx 

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  1. Helen Ryan

    Yay! Congratulations

    13 Feb 2007, 20:01

  2. Holly Cruise


    13 Feb 2007, 20:13

  3. Christopher Hinds

    Well done

    13 Feb 2007, 20:30

  4. Andrew Ingram


    13 Feb 2007, 20:40

  5. Nice one bird.

    13 Feb 2007, 20:43

  6. Christopher Sigournay

    Hurrah! Way to go Mia

    13 Feb 2007, 20:54

  7. Awesome, many congrats!

    13 Feb 2007, 23:02

  8. Yay!

    14 Feb 2007, 00:05

  9. Mathew Mannion

    Congratulations :)

    14 Feb 2007, 00:32

  10. Mia Brackenridge

    Thankyouuuuuu!!! Hugs all round!
    The trouble is, I chilled out watching a certain Mr Depp and now I wanna be a PIRATE instead! Yarr! :D

    14 Feb 2007, 12:57

  11. You are a pirate!

    14 Feb 2007, 14:55

  12. Nick Howes

    Congratulations! And as nobody else seems to have done so yet, I have to ask… what’s the job exactly?

    15 Feb 2007, 10:59

  13. I was just about to ask that very thing…

    15 Feb 2007, 11:57

  14. Andrew Ingram

    Probably some sort of biological warfare thing in some sort of lab, I bet Mia has to wear amusing jumpsuits.

    16 Feb 2007, 17:28

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