All entries for Wednesday 24 March 2010

March 24, 2010

Some grease for the SeeSaw

Follow-up to SeeSaw (see what they did there?) from Mike's blag

It was only this morning that I got around to actually watching a programme on SeeSaw. It works just as you'd expect and it all seems good except for one glaring omission; There is no facility to pop the video out in to a new smaller window on it's own like there is on BBC iPlayer. Apparently such a feature is under consideration, but I consider it a pretty much essential feature so I whipped up a Greasemonkey script that adds it. So if you're using Firefox, have Greasemonkey installed and wish SeeSaw had a pop out feature, then click here. With the script installed the words 'Pop out' appear in the top centre of a programme's page.

If you have the Flashblock extension installed then that will mess up the script unless you've added to your whitelist.

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