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February 25, 2011

learning from being a follower

A great last day of the great module. Sadly though 'last' opportunity to lead. I wasn't lucky enough to lead so I had this sneaky plan to act as a 'Walking Dead' follower. I wanted to try something else but it wasn't an appropriate simulation to try even more tricky idea so I though I'll give it a try.

I'm always very active and cannot stop from speaking my 'brilliant' solutions and ideas (at this stage I must say you haven't experienced it fully yet, as my language is not that fluent yet and I have to pick up some slang - but trust me, in Poland I keep talking, most of the things are rubbish so I my stay in the UK is really beneficial as now I speak roughly only things that matter).

So how did it go? Well for the first our (out of 2 xD) I said nothing and I was just waiting till Awal is not clear or confused so that I could become an Urban Terrorist and ask tough questions. To be honest she was so clear that I sat there for an hour saying nothing - as I couldn't ask for more info. I feel that after 40 min we were ready to start working but if she wanted to carry on, that's fine (especially for Walking Dead person). Having such a great brief all that was left to plan and act.

So after this hour I was 'bored' enough and started contributing (she asked me to join earlier but I didn't, to make her put more effort ;). Later on we kept working till finish (that's too much to write about and we gave a feedback on that to her; plus that's not the point of the blog).

The point is that I learnt sth from Walking Dead approach and surprisingly it seemed to have a little benefit for the team - because I stepped back I wasn't making too much of a choas. Imagine all of us 'fighting' for a pen to write sth, this is very likely to happen if ppl really want to contribute. Sometimes it goes unnoticible and sometimes leader has to bring things to track. So my passive approach contributed to a more steady environment.

I know there are more issues with that approach than benefits but still a good lesson for other approaches - be aware when to step back - you don't have to do everything on your own to show you're a star!

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