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October 11, 2007

The Silly Truck

Okay, so one post a day really isn’t sustainable when I’m away from home for more than one night. Sorry about that. I’m back from Leamington now and normal service will be resumed

So I was walking back from Monday night’s comedy gig to my friends Tom and Pete’s house and passed under a fairly low bridge. As we get furthur up the road there’s a very big truck “Hmm,” I think to myself, “that might not fit under that bridge”. I briefly consider vocalising such comments but realise that would be stupid, as the truck driver obviously knows his height and knows the route and wouldn’t try and drive under a bridge he can’t fit through. I’d just end up looking foolish.

So we keep walking and then I hear a loud scraping noise from behind me. I turn around and yes, he’s stuck! He manages to back his way out then has another run at it, and it’s around 1am and I’m not curious enough to stick around and see what happens. But all in all I missed out on an opportunity to sound like an amazing height-judging genius. Ah well.

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