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October 03, 2007

The Library gets Fresh!

Writing about web page

Today is Warwick Freshers Fair, and for the first time the Library has a stand in the Student's Union, which I have been staffing for most of the day (apart from an hour when I had to rush across campus and do an induction session for some post-grad chemists - who, fortunately, did not seem to think my bright purple Freshers Fair tee-shirt was as hideous as I think it is).

I've just come back for my lunch break, and thought I'd throw a few thoughts down while I'm here.

It's going really well. The bags we had made (one of which is based on an original design of my own) are now being stuffed with Library fliers, bookmarks, pens, pencils and sweets (pieces of rock which read "Warwick Library Rocks!").

They are going down really well, and as I crossed campus to come back for lunch I spotted loads and loads of students carrying them around.

I hope that our new-found enthusuiasm for Library marketing, which seems to have coincided with the arrival of Antony Brewerton to the Library, (are these events linked? silly question!), is here to stay. We need to raise our profile, and I think we are off to a great start this year.

Setting up the stand

me mobbing innocent by-standers

July 10, 2007


Follow-up to DOI hunt from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

I have had an email from someone at CrossRef, via the blog, asking for examples of the problems we are having - which I thought was excellent pro-active customer service. However, because the submission is confidential I cant provide any.

Since my first DOI post a couple of my colleagues have found some DOIs via CrossRef, although not as many as I might have expected, but I am still having no luck at all. (I have actually found a few DOIs but then discovered they are not for the articles I was looking for!) This makes me wonder if I am in need of instruction when using the service!

Has anyone else had any experience of using CrossRef?

Any problems?

Any advice? 

July 06, 2007

DOI hunt

Writing about web page /kwiddows/entry/rae_meeting/

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

In order to support the University RAE project the Library is assisting in collation of the research papers for the submission.

The submission has to be as much in electronic format as possible, and ideally what we should submit is the DOIs for each piece of research so they can be found in their published electronic form.  Where DOIs are not available links to PDFs should be supplied and, failing that, other electronic documents (obtained from publishers, not authors) can be used. 

The task is proving somewhat tortuous. We do not hold all of the journals that the papers have been published in, in electronic form, so we cant get all of the information from our own on-line holdings. This means we have to go elsewhere for the information and suppliers we do not subscribe to will not always give the details. Google scholar is very helpful, especially since we can link directly to our own collections through it so we can find reference to things whether we hold them or not, and we can link directly back to the item where we do.

To make things very frustrating there is a service through crossref which should be able to find the DOIs of objects for us regardless of what our holdings are, but it is somewhat tricky to use and so far has failed to find any of the items I have searched for (Google scholar is proving more useful).

There are also typos in the documents we have been given that list the research papers. Mis-spellings, incorrect pagination, even incorrect journal titles, and this means that we are having to identify the correct details before we can even start in some cases.  It makes me thankful for Zetoc.

I think this is going to be a long summer . . .

April 30, 2007

Warwick Open Day

On Saturday 28th April Warwick Uni held an open day for prospective students. I came in to be on hand to answer questions about the Library and to promote our services to the uninitiated.

I was only here for 3 hours, but it felt like I talked to a lot of people during that time - and I did get through a lot of leaflets!  

There was a lot of interest, apparently we had 900 Open Day visitors to the Library. Many of them were interested in services, some just wanted to have a wander around the building.

It was a good thing to be involved in, I got to see what some of the concerns of prospective students were - would they have help accessing e-resources? did they have to pay for an ATHENS account? what would happen if they needed something that wasn't in stock? would they be expected to buy any text books themselves?

These were all easily answered questions and people were happy with the answers. It was also clear that the jump from 6th form or school libraries to the University Library was enormous - people were stunned at the size of the building and at the range of services and equipment we have on offer - admittedly, the parents seemed more interested than some of the students - but the general impression was that people were pleasantly surprised by what we had to offer. 

It was a useful insight into what new students expectations are and the kinds of things that concern them, and their parents (who ultimately are paying for their university places) about the service.  

April 21, 2007

I'm on facebook

Follow-up to Facebook from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

Well, I am now registered on Facebook and have been using it to contact all kinds of people, from those I see everyday anyway - work colleagues and my flat mate for example, to people I havn't heard from in years, such as old housemates from Uni.

For the uninitiated, Facebook is basically some free web space you can sign up for to communicate with your mates (or just random people you find there) online. You can send messages, add photos and write on eachothers "walls" (which is like a really basic blog - kind of).

There are some interesting groups on there made up of Warwick students and some of them are surprisingly childish and lacking in imagination. I guess that access to all this exciting and spangly technology is no longer a thing of wonder, and is fast becoming a way to kill the time for anyone who wants to excell in work avoidance tactics.

There are a lot of groups which are really quite impressive, such as The Great Facebook Race (there are now 3 groups for this, boys, girls and British) - do look them up if you have a spare minute. Another interesting one is Random Acts of Kindness - although some of their suggestions for such random acts are a bit dubious.

Anyway - how does this relate to Chartership?

Well, it is yet another new means of e-communication that I am making myself familiar with, it also gives me an opportunity to see how the Library is viewed by students, there are groups on there which relate directly to the Library and to student opinions of it. There is also an academic librarians group - which I will probably join - and I'll see what other groups there are which may be relevant.

I am, however, also using it a social tool, and will continue to do so.

April 19, 2007

Publicity Photos

After work today I stayed behind to join a group of other apprehensive individuals in posing for some publicity shots for the Library Remodelling project.

The Library is due to undergo something of a transformation this summer and LMG wanted pics of the building before it changed and also some shots to go on posters around campus.

Here's one of the pics with all of us in - that's me on the right. I think they are going to cut the rest of us off it and just have Megan, the lady in the middle, on her own for the big campus posters - she does look rather happy!

Anyway, it shows I was there!

WMG e–learning event

Writing about web page

Today was the WMG Engineering E-learning event and myself, Jen and Lindsay went over to meet academics and generally talk to people about how the Library can help.

I feel that things like this - although not presentations, are good experience for me in my quest to learn how to keep my nerves when speaking in public - so I plan to be involved in as many as possible!

I really enjoyed this event, we spoke to a lot of people, I didnt expect so much interest, and I felt that we did tell them things they didnt know before and they were helpful things. I left with a few notes of things to look up and email to people later and a few notes on comments people made about our web site and services. It was all very useful.  

It was also good to talk to the people on the stand for Questionmark Perception as we are currently looking at creating online tests for our students to complete following information skills courses. 

Other points of interest were the Pod-casting stand and the Personal Response System stand - impressive stuff.

The only thing that wasn't great was that the laptop had a touch pad and I found that quite tricky to control and we did loose the wireless connection a couple of times - I think I'll try to remember to take a mouse next time.  

But any event where you can get your hands on those fantastic mini pizzas and divine chicken skewers that Warwick Hospitality do is worth attending! 

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