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July 09, 2007


I was persuaded by a colleague last year to try yoga, and after only one or two sessions got ill and stopped going, and didn't go back until about 3 weeks ago. (Not because I was ill all that time, just because I'm rubbish). We also started going to spin bikes, although Charlotte has since decided that she prefers the gym. Jess has started to come to both in the last few weeks and so I have regained my former enthusiasm, and as I have also stopped smoking I decided it's time to generally sort out my body and stop being a slob.

So do think of me tonight when you are enjoying dinner in front of the TV (or much less happily working on chartership portfolios in front of the TV!)  as I will be bent into a strange position by a man who is convinced it is normal to fold your entire body in half whilst standing on one leg.

(The week before last I actually fell over when he decided I needed to stretch my arm in a slightly different direction and manually rearranged me - I did warn him that falling would be involved, but he seemed unconvinced until I landed on the floor). 

Despite the apparent personal danger involved I am braving it alone tonight as neither Jess nor Charlotte can make it -  lets just hope I keep all my limbs intact - I'll need them for spin bikes on Wednesday!

July 06, 2007

The Refurb continues

Writing about web page

Well, the remodelling project is well underway and there are temporary changes all over the building while contractors work on certain floors and stock gets relocated. Its all very exciting and a little stressful.

Various teams are taking on new responsibilities and some teams will have, what sound like, quite large changes to their job roles after the remodel. Management are starting to plan meetings to discuss such issues (I have just been invited to one for my department). 

There are a lot of staff at the moment working in what was an open plan office space outside our office. The short loan collection is also in that space, and rooms around/within that space that had other functions in their previous lives are now offices (Document Supply are living in the Subject Teams Locker Room!)

This is only temporary, and the promise of better working spaces following the project keeps us sane.  Its also been a good opportunity to get to meet a few people we otherwise have no contact with and to chat to people and exchange tales of woe. 

Things are harder,  finding things is harder, finding people is harder, changes in service provision to accommodate the building work have been difficult for some staff, and students have been looking rather lost. Some floors are closed off, a lot of stock has moved, and there is a temporary issue desk two floors above where the permanent one would normally be. 

However, there is a feeling of team cohesion and spirits are higher than might be expected.  And if, as planned, most of the work is finished by the start of term, then we don't have long to go really.

A lot of academic libraries seem to be refurbishing this summer, is anyone else currently working with builders and architects as their back-drop? 

May 12, 2007

Time management – a warning and a reality check

I have been concerned recently about the amount of time I dont seem to have.

Work has been busy - with the end of the budget year coming up and lots of info to take in, and work relating to, the Remodelling projectand all the PR type stuffI have been involved in, and there is a new working group I am on that's about to start and some exams to prepare for (examining, not being examined) and the newsletter to edit and the web site to maintain and the BioMed Grid enquiry project to run and blah blah blah.

Even if I wasn't working towards ChartershipI would want to be involved in all of these things and more - I am addicted to my job. But if I wasnt working towards Chartership I might not be writing my blog on my lunch break (which isnt actually a lunch break, it's just a lull in a drop in session I am currently running at the Medical School).

When I applied for Chartership and started looking into what would be involved I was given a very inaccurate impression! Lots of people said you could easily gather the evidence during work time and then put it all together at the end in a few hours. THIS IS A LIE(or at least a very rose-tinted set of distant memories).

I had a meeting with my mentor last week (blog entry to follow) and we talked a lot about this issue:

My major concern is that among all the exciting and interesting stuff I am getting more and more involved in (like the PR stands and the project work) my day to job may be taking a back seat and I am building up a backlog in the office. In order to avoid this I am spending a lot of my lunch breaks at my desk and I even took work home with me over the Bank Holiday Weekend. I often prepare for meetings or proof read documents on the bus to and from work.

So, a few rules for me to follow:

  • Consult regularly with line manager re: prioritising (This has already started)
  • Take proper breaks (I'm trying, I'm trying)
  • Don't take office work home - only Chartership specific work (Does that HAVE to include the stuff I really enjoy???)
  • Start saying "NO" - even if it's something I really want to do - until I have completed current projects (Havn't been asked to do anything since my mentor meeting- I'm preparing myself!)
  • Explain to people who are trying to help me with Chartership by offering me relevant opportunities, that I have TWO WHOLE YEARS TO DO THISand I may have to decline their offers at the moment and take different opportunities later (Warwick is brimming with opportunity, if you miss one thing 5 more will come along later) (Mantra required)
  • Remind myself, every time a tempting opportunity arises, that I have TWO WHOLE YEARS TO DO THISand I may have to decline offers at the moment and take different opportunities later (Warwick is brimming with opportunity, if you miss one thing 5 more will come along later) (Mantra taking shape)

I think, ironically, my problem is that I love the job so much. I want to be involved in everything, I want to learn about everything and I want to know whats going on all over the place.

Calm down, order books, get the daily paperwork out of the way, and remember that I have TWO WHOLE YEARS TO DO THISand I may have to decline offers at the moment and take different opportunities later (Warwick is brimming with opportunity, if you miss one thing 5 more will come along later). (Mantra confirmed).

Unfortunately, once Chartership is completed, I have the rest of my working life to do this, and will probably spend it reminding myself that I have THE REST OF MY WORKING LIFE TO DO THIS,and that I may have to decline offers at the moment and take different opportunities later. . . . .  (Mantra in practice)

(Entry started 12th May, finished 17th May - hmmm, what does that tell you??)

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