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July 25, 2007

Mentor Meeting July

Today's mentor meeting was very productive, I had done a lot of preparation and we covered a lot of ground. Chris will send me notes soon and I'll add them here, but in the mean time I'll briefly list what was covered:

    • Follow up points from the last meeting (Time management/meeting with Helen/meetings with section heads)
    • PPDP - how much I have covered and what to do about the points still to address
    • Strategic plans - how the Library relates to the University plans and where my role fits in with the Science Team plans in relation to this
    • Departmental restructuring - how to address this in the portfolio
    • Potential CILIP courses to book on to fit in with PPDP

    Considering I have only been working on this for 6 months and I have another 18 to go I am quite far through and I think perhaps I can add some sections to the PPDP without being in any danger of not completing them.

    The first section I am adding is "Organisational and Strategic Context" and this will look at where the library fits into the University, how it supports University strategic plans and how this impacts on the local community, our students and staff. My own role in the organisation will be part of this.

    Additional action points arising from the meeting are:

      • Look at the IPSC (Information Policy and Strategic Committee) and how the Library is involved at a senior management level
      • Book onto the CILIP Financial Skills for Librarians course coming up in November
      • Look into attending the University, College and Research library group networking event in September
      • Look into which professional or special interest group publications might be appropriate places to send an article on the BMG project for publication

      Related links: (some may not be accessible to non-employees)

      University Mission Statement

      University Strategic Plan

      Information Policy and Strategic Committee

      Library Strategic Plan

      Library Regulations (set at University level)

      Library Rules and Regulations (set at Library level)

      Additonal Documentation (including implementation matrix) 

      How is everyone else getting on with PPDPS etc.?

      Notes have arrived already! See here: mentor_meeting_july_07.doc

        March 22, 2007

        PPDP draft 2

        Following todays mentor meeting here is my updated PPDP. PPDP draft 2

        Mentor Meeting March

        March 17, 2007

        PPDP edit

        After the post I just made on blended learning and marketing I have decided to look into adding a section on promotion/marketing into my PPDP.

        This entry is really just a reminder to myself to discuss it with my mentor when we next meet. 

        March 15, 2007


        Well, I have drafted my PPDP draft 1 and now need to fill in registration forms and inform CILIP that Chris has agreed to be my mentor.

        The PPDP is a bit tricky, I'm not really sure how many areas to address and how much detail to include for each one.

        I will discuss this with Chris when we have chance to meet. (Todays meeting had to be cancelled).

        Katrina, a awhile ago, gave me a copy of a document called "Chartership Reader". It looks to be hints and tips on the Chartership process and could well be really useful. It is quite hefty though and I think I need some time to browse through and decide how much of it I want to read. I'll take it home this weekend.

        I'm also beginning to feel that the amount of Professional reading required is going to be rather a lot, and I'm going to have to start thinking about structuring some of my time outside of work to make room for Chartership work. (I should probably start by planning to spend an hour sitting down with the CILIP Update and Review each time they arrive in the post, I am guilty of skimming them over rather quickly).

        March 13, 2007



        I have been approved by CILIP as eligible to register for Chartership. I am very relieved as I am taking the "Extraordinary" route and wasn't sure I would be accepted.  

        Next thing to do is sort out registration forms and finalise my PPDP.

        I have a mentor meeting on Thursday and I'm going to be hard pushed but I plan to get everything together before that meeting so we can just check the detail.

        Right then, off home for a quick cup of tea before I start on the preparation for Thursday, I think the next 2 days are going to be busy!

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