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May 18, 2007

Enquiry desk working group

I have been asked to join a working group to look at the kind of enquiry service the Library will provide following the remodelling. There will be large changes to service due to the developments in the building. For example, the new lay-out of the first floor will allow for more student space and for the accommodation of the short loan collection (currently on the 2nd floor), so the provision of just one desk for issues and enquiries will be required, rather than the 2 desks, and separate services, we currently have.  Also staffing will change, for example, Academic Support staff, who currently are rotaed on to the main enquiry desk will be involved in the running and development of the Teaching Grid (which will be a new library provision following the remodel) so they may not have the same amount of time available to devote to the desk.

The group is made up of a cross-section of the existing Enquiry Desk team along with 2 members of the LMG.

Today was the first meeting of the group and there was much discussion of the basic building layout and the high level management decisions that have already been made. Now the group is required to fill in the detail of how the service will run, which staff will do what and what training and preparation will be required.

Next meeting planned for 31st May.

Follow-up entries will be added. 

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