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February 19, 2009

The plot thickens

Follow-up to Facebook Terms and Conditions from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

I have just been sent this by our electronic resources librarian - any comments?

Do you trust facebook?

Should Libraries (or any organisations for that matter) be concerned about what facebook might use their content for at a later date - even after they have deleted their pages?

February 18, 2009

Facebook Terms and Conditions

Writing about web page

Very interesting - it seems that facebook is rewriting its terms and conditions in light of users concerns about information sharing.

I have to admit I havent read it all yet - but I will, and may post more comments here.

Any views?

December 19, 2008

Oh my Oh my!

Follow-up to Oh My! from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

Well, that was easy, about 10 mins work and we now have a Warwick e-journals search on the Facebook page which connects users to serials solutions.

It must be Christmas.

Oh My!

Writing about web page

This looks interesting - one for the New Year I think. . .

November 07, 2008

Interest is growing!

Writing about web page

Yesterday I had an email from Heather Dawson, the editor of ALISS Quarterly (Journal of the Association of Librarians and Information professionals in the Social Sciences).

She had seen Jane Secker's slides from the presentation she gave at John Moores recently and was asking if I would be happy to write a piece for ALISS Quarterly on the Warwick Facebook Project for the next issue, which will focus on supporting researchers.

I will, of course, be very happy to write for ALISS, and I am very pleased that the Facebook Project is getting so much attention, and that it is giving me the opportunity to offer information and feedback to other professionals looking at similar projects.

This is great for Chartership too, and the Facebook Project is quickly rising to the top of my list of possible portfolio evidence!

October 27, 2008

facebook symposium at Liverpool John Moores

Writing about web page

On Friday last week Jane Secker gave a presentation on the use of Facebook by Libraries. She has uploaded her slides to slideshare.

I would just like to mention that her entry, "Who's space is it anyway?" over at the Social Software, Libraries and E-learning blog on this is well worth reading and the slides are well worth checking out too.

I'd also like to say a big thanks to Jane for choosing the Warwick Library Facebook Page as an example to show in her presentation and for contacting me in advance to let me know about it :-)

September 03, 2008

Facebook developments

Writing about web page

I have just added a video to the Warwick Library Facebook page and I think it looks pretty cool. Its been developed by our User Education Group and shows clips of students comments about the Library - check it out!

Also I have added RSS feeds of Library blogs (not this one) to the page, using the Blog RSS Feedreader application. The application is good in that unlike facebook notes, it allows you to add multiple feeds to one page, but each feed does take up quite a lot of space and I wonder if anyone knows of any other RSS applications which might look a bit smaller on the page and still allow multiple feeds?

Any ideas?

April 01, 2008

Facebook developments at Warwick

Follow-up to Library Facebook page from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

Well, I'm quite excited.

We have started to promote our Library Facebook page properly to students and users.  We are now up to 60 fans and I have added a few additional applications. I'm really hoping our students take to it.

Even more exciting than this - Richard Perkins, our Millenium Liaison Officer found some information from Graham McCarthy at Ryerson University on how to create an OPAC search application for Facebook based on Millenium LMS. Graham has generously agreed that we can share this information, and he has already posted it on the Innovative User Group forum.

With some clever stuff thrown in from our Systems guy Jeff Wesson, we now have our own Facebook OPAC search application that anyone can add to their profile!

I think this is a brilliant!

Has anyone else got any exciting Facebook work going on? 

Anyone got any views on libraries using facebook in this way? 

January 10, 2008

Library Facebook page

Writing about web page

I have recently set up a Facebook page for Warwick University Library and, with help from Jo Alcock over at Wolverhampton Uni Learning Centres, I have added in some code so that it links to all of our subject-specific pages.

So far it has gathered 25 "fans" without us promoting it at all. Some of them are Library staff, some are Warwick students and others are Chartership candidates and librarians from other organisations.

There is an interesting discussion over on John Dale's blog about the use of Facebook for education, and there are lots of other dicsussions going on all over the place on this very hot topic. As a Librarian you cant go far in the blogosphere without falling over one. 

I think the advantages of using Facebook pages for Libraries are many, including:

The "update" functionality allows you to contact students/staff on mass, but the audience is self-selected, and so you are not chasing people around Web 2 trying to convince them to listen, and potentially pushing them to other sites to avoid you.

A central point from which students can link to Library pages from a place they are already visiting (how many students spend time everyday on the Library web site? How many spend time on facebook?) 

The pages will market themselves. Thanks to the facebook mini-feeds every time anyone joins as a fan all their friends will get an advert for the page - and this costs you nothing.

Usage statistics are freely available and easy to interpret.

The range of applications available make the pages very easy to adapt to suit your own needs. Applications can also be easily removed, so for example, if you had difficulty with students posting unwanted items on your wall, you can just remove the wall.

Does anyone else have a Library Facebook page?  

Here are some I know about if you would like to check them out (you will need a Facebook account to view them):

University of Wolverhampton Learning Centres

Hawthorn-Longfellow Library 

Nuffield College Library 

Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Library 

If you are interested in using facebook for your library you may also want to read this blog entry and check out these face book groups:

Libraries Using Facebook Pages 

Facebook Apps for libraries 

Facebook 2.0 

September 13, 2007

Web 2.0 meeting

On 12th September Jenny Delasalle presented a range of Web2.0 technologies to the department and encouraged discussion about how they could be used by the Library in a range of ways. This is a quick run down of what she went through. . .

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