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December 03, 2007

First Floor Open and other significant changes!

Writing about Ist images of Floor 1 in the Library from Library Remodelling Project

Well, as you can now tell from the photos over at the remodelling blog (see link above) the newly polished First Floor of the Library is open and ready for business.

It is a much fresher, roomier and more functional space for students than it was before. As well as the current newspapers, issues desk and photocopiers that were there before (although these now look somewhat brighter!), it also has lots of open access PCs, a cafe, a reading lounge, plasma screens, group study areas and the short loan collection.

As well as this, some time ago now, the Floor 2 Extension, which is where the Science and Medicine books and journals are housed (the stock my team deals with) has been reopened as well. It now has mobile shelving to save space and 2 silent study rooms. It also holds the Micro film and fiche collections and the appropriate readers.  It is currently somewhat difficult to find for first-time visitors, as the main part of Floor 2 is closed while further building work takes place and users have to go up to Floor 3, over the bridge and back down the stairs on the other side. But once people have figured this out they find that the floor is worth the effort to find.

As if all this excitement wasn't enough we have also moved offices. Science and Medicine are now also sharing with the Arts team, so the atmosphere is much more social and we have more people around to play with, I mean, professionally communicate amongst.

The new offices are bright and airy, with huge windows around 2 walls. I have a much bigger desk, so have been able to bring in all my Chartership work rather than keeping it in a pile on my living room floor (don't tell my mentor I said that) and all we need now is for our printer and copier to arrive so that we don't have to keep pestering the Social Services Sciences Team every time we need paper copies of anything. 

The only drawback of the new office is that it is on the Second floor and that is officially out of bounds to users, so it can get a bit tricky when people try to find us. But we seem to be doing OK so far. 

Is anyone else still undergoing remodelling?

Got any new offices/floors/swanky equipment to brag about?  :)

Pictures of our shiney new stuff can be seen here

August 02, 2007

Future Libraries Articles

Follow-up to Future libraries meeting from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

Following on from May's Future Libraries Meeting I have read 3 articles written 2000/2001 looking at where Information professionals thought we were heading at the turn of the millennium. It's interesting to see that change is so far happening so slowly that the arguements in these papers still sound very current even though they are 5 or 6 years old.

The main points of the articles were as follows:

Pedley, P. The information professional of the 21st century. Managing Information. September 2001 8-9 

Pedley considers that career development in the Information Profession requires:

  • Being open to change
  • Continual commitment to active CPD
  • A range of transferable skills

He also contemplates whether Library Schools may be outdated and discusses the possibility that Library School staff need more recent and relevant work experience, perhaps taking placements on a regular basis.

More to follow when I get time! 

July 06, 2007

The Refurb continues

Writing about web page

Well, the remodelling project is well underway and there are temporary changes all over the building while contractors work on certain floors and stock gets relocated. Its all very exciting and a little stressful.

Various teams are taking on new responsibilities and some teams will have, what sound like, quite large changes to their job roles after the remodel. Management are starting to plan meetings to discuss such issues (I have just been invited to one for my department). 

There are a lot of staff at the moment working in what was an open plan office space outside our office. The short loan collection is also in that space, and rooms around/within that space that had other functions in their previous lives are now offices (Document Supply are living in the Subject Teams Locker Room!)

This is only temporary, and the promise of better working spaces following the project keeps us sane.  Its also been a good opportunity to get to meet a few people we otherwise have no contact with and to chat to people and exchange tales of woe. 

Things are harder,  finding things is harder, finding people is harder, changes in service provision to accommodate the building work have been difficult for some staff, and students have been looking rather lost. Some floors are closed off, a lot of stock has moved, and there is a temporary issue desk two floors above where the permanent one would normally be. 

However, there is a feeling of team cohesion and spirits are higher than might be expected.  And if, as planned, most of the work is finished by the start of term, then we don't have long to go really.

A lot of academic libraries seem to be refurbishing this summer, is anyone else currently working with builders and architects as their back-drop? 

May 18, 2007

Enquiry desk working group

I have been asked to join a working group to look at the kind of enquiry service the Library will provide following the remodelling. There will be large changes to service due to the developments in the building. For example, the new lay-out of the first floor will allow for more student space and for the accommodation of the short loan collection (currently on the 2nd floor), so the provision of just one desk for issues and enquiries will be required, rather than the 2 desks, and separate services, we currently have.  Also staffing will change, for example, Academic Support staff, who currently are rotaed on to the main enquiry desk will be involved in the running and development of the Teaching Grid (which will be a new library provision following the remodel) so they may not have the same amount of time available to devote to the desk.

The group is made up of a cross-section of the existing Enquiry Desk team along with 2 members of the LMG.

Today was the first meeting of the group and there was much discussion of the basic building layout and the high level management decisions that have already been made. Now the group is required to fill in the detail of how the service will run, which staff will do what and what training and preparation will be required.

Next meeting planned for 31st May.

Follow-up entries will be added. 

May 04, 2007

The cost to the profession

Follow-up to Stop smoking! from When I grow up I want to be a Librarian!

I will add an entry later, when I have done a bit of research, about how smoking, and the stopping of it, relates to the Library (and any other) profession.

I think the following general points are noteworthy:

  • Environmental impact
  • Health and Safety
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Personal development
  • Efficient time keeping
  • Employee relations
  • Networking
Any comments?

May 03, 2007

Future libraries meeting

Jess, Ant, Chris and I met on May 3rd to discuss the future of the Information Professional.

The following key points were made:

  • The word "Library" is being used less and less in current job titles and service provision, will this help to move away from stereotypes? Will it encourage more interaction and involvement from people outside of traditional library roles and sectors? Will either of these things be beneficial to the Information profession?
  • It may be easier to change job titles than change stereotypes. Does "Information Consultant" mean more to the public than "Librarian"?
  • Information roles require a wide range of broad and transferable generic skills. Customer service/IT/communications etc. The skill in the role is not to be specific but to be flexible and have a broad base to build from.
  • Networking is becomming more important. The profession is fairly small.
  • Will Libraries become less willing to share their ideas and work as they begin to see users more as "customers"? will this approach breed competition where currently there is a lot of openness and information sharing?
  • Libraries are starting to market themselves. it seems that competition for customers is not just against other libraries, also consider other lesiure providers, sports centres, etc. and also online provision, such as google.
  • What are the main sources of competition for a Public Library?
          • lesuire activities
          • google/internet services
          • museums
          • Competition is not just for customers, it is also for funding. Other public services are also in competition with Libraries. In order to be worthy of funding a public service must show how it supports all sectors of the community. There must be consideration of wider political issues: education, crime, terrroism, social inclusion, rascism, health etc.

          Understanding what a Library is is not enough, understanding what your job is within a library is not enough, there is need to understand WHY a library is and WHY your job is.


          • social drives
          • economic drives
          • ecological drives

          Career Progression Considerations:

          It can be difficult to get experience in management and supervisory skills and also in budget management. The jump from my current post to a budget holder post or a management post is difficult to make. Consider alterbative ways to get this experience:

          • secondments
          • courses
          • activity outside of work
          • additional special interest groups
          • voluntary work

          Subject Librarians - are they needed?

          What do they lend to students? academics? service provision?

          How specific to a subject do they need to be? What kind of specific educational background is required?

          Proactive approaches 

          Are we making good use of technology? ARe we exploiting the full potential of web 2.0?

          Strategic Thinking

          Are libraries supporting the current objectives of the organisation?

          Do your daily tasks actually address the library/oganisation objectives?

          This is how you can justify your post if it is threatened - be sure to look at how relevant you are to the organisations goals and strategy.

          What are the benefits of what you do? Who gains from your role? Once you know this MARKET IT. This makes you more relevant to your audience. Could this idea be used to effectivly open a presentation to new students for example? 

          Also consider how you can sell yourself to managers - how do you benfit the organisational agenda?

          Consider performing a personal SWOT analysis to take to the next mentor meeting.

          • Strengths
          • Weaknesses
          • Opportunities
          • Threats

          Look at SCONUL vision

          May 02, 2007

          Stop smoking!

          Well, I went to a smoking cessation session this morning. They are running them at work through the NHS.

          I know this has very tenuous links with Chartership but I am putting in the category of personal development, and I think it will have some effect on my work. (Or maybe I just want to be able to rant about it somewhere, and this is as good a place as any).

          I've smoked on and off since I was 16, sometimes up to 30/40 a day, sometimes stopping for months on end, sometimes just having the odd one here and there when I have been stressed, or under the influence of the evil drink. Currently I smoke anything between none and 20 a day, and this seems to be related to how often I see my (smoking) boyfriend, how much time I spend in the pub and how much I am need of the emotional crutch.

          Anyway, the session ths morning was attended by staff from around Uni, including 2 other members of Library staff - the three of us have now vowed to support each other and hassle each other with email should someone fall off the waggon.

          We were given a variety of handouts, including a calendar, on which to mark the dreaded "quit date" and then record progress for a month - until the date of the next session. We were also given a month's supply of nicotine patches - which I am a bit scared of and will contemplate later.

          So - first step - see my Bloke tonight and request his support/assistance/bullying/lecturing beginning with a request that he stops smoking inside the house when I am there (or at all, if that is possible).

          Then the quit date will be set (possibly for bank holiday Monday - they suggest you chose a low-stress day, and this is less than a week away).

          Then the habit-changing part - hmm, I'll need to give this more thought too.

          Any other slaves to the smoke out there? Want to swap stories or just need someone to hassle you to quit? Get in touch.

          See this blog for an interesting, related debate. 

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